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Stay in Singapore long enough, you would know that one of the biggest luxuries of Singapore is owning a car.  Owning a car is expensive here. Other than paying for the vehicle taxes and registration fees, there’s also the Certificate of Entitlement that you essentially need to bid for in order to own a car. It is also a known fact that cars have high maintenance.

After a couple of years, it is natural for the car to depreciate in value. For car owners looking for a way to sell their cars, there are a couple of ways to sell the car in Singapore. Many try to sell their cars directly through ad placements on forums and classified pages, or selling them through car dealers.

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What most do not know is that selling your car through online ad placement may take at least two months or longer to sell off your vehicle and during this time, the value of your car is depreciating. Other issues which may arise include unsolicited phone calls from used car dealers persuading you to sell off your vehicle to them instead at a lower price, settling of your own paperwork and loan settlement as well as repairing your vehicle at your own cost to ensure the vehicle is in a good condition.

What if there’s a website that helps you handle all of this?

This is where DirectCars come in. DirectCars is a simple website that offers a one stop service to sell your car with highest price guaranteed to you as a car owner. When you sell your car through DirectCars, it helps you get instant quotes for your car from over 100 used car dealers in its network. These car dealers are all ready to bid for your car, and you can choose to sell your car to the car dealer at the price that you are comfortable with.


DirectCars is the pioneer in the third party car selling industry, claiming to be one of the easiest and fastest ways to get free quotes from used car dealers looking to acquire second hand cars. The company has also been receiving positive feedbacks from car owners whom successfully sold their cars through DirectCars.

I needed to sell my car and approached 2 dealers who hard sold me at quite a low price. I was not satisfied and searched the Internet and found DirectCars,” shared Sebastian Tan, a car owner who managed to sell his BMW through DirectCars.

I was sceptical at first but there was no harm in trying. Customer service called me soon to explain the procedure, which just requires me to wait 24 hours while the dealers submit their prices to DirectCars. Within next day, they connected me with a dealer whose price I’m happy with and upon meet up, I  managed to close the deal,” added Sebastian.

Sebastian also cautioned car owners to not approach dealers on their own, dealers whom he labeled as “cheaters”.

Of course, DirectCars is ideal for those who want to look for a hassle free way of selling their cars. In return, DirectCars takes a small administrative fee when you have successfully sold your car. If you don’t mind going through all the process yourself, there are always forums and classifieds where you can list your cars there.

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