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This workcation series is where we personally visit and review hotels, resorts, and more, to find out how well they cater to digital nomads and hybrid professionals. Our whole team is fully vaccinated, boosted, and have tested negative on the first and last day of our trip. 

Joining the busy skyline of Bukit Bintang is Capri by Fraser, Bukit Bintang (CFBB), a hotel that’s branded as technologically forward. 

This 43-storey building houses 319 studio and one-bedroom options, among other facilities. To learn more about the other facets of this hotel, check out our full review that follows our 3D2N stay at CFBB.

Among what stood out to us while we were there though was CFBB’s tech-savvy features, befitting its ambition of blending lifestyle and technology holistically. Here are 11 instances of how Capri by Fraser, Bukit Bintang has implemented tech into our stay.

1. A car lift with 132 parking bays

Looking up into the mechanical parking system

Right off the bat, CFBB managed to fascinate us with its mechanical system. Their team shared that the tech was inspired by what they saw in Singapore, and the space-efficient system provides similar benefits here in KL.

We had a bit of trouble figuring out the system at first since there were no large sign boards around, but the concierge quickly showed up to help.

Upon entrance, drivers are given a parking card that’s used to both send off your car and recollect it when checking out.

As the drivers in our group had never been in vertical car parking garages before, we were quite enthralled by the fact that we could drive into the opening headfirst and leave the parking adjustments to the lift itself.

After driving in, we followed the rest of the steps displayed in the lift. Then all we had to do was tap our card on a reader outside to “park” our car.

Pulling into the lift chamber 

When we checked out and paid for parking, we simply had to tap our card on a machine reader and make our way to the car lift. 

Even if there are multiple drivers, this can be done in succession thanks to an automatic queue system that showed us whose car would be coming down first based on our card numbers.

Later, the car lift rotates your car so you can drive out headfirst to the exit boom gate too. Confusion aside, this was a hassle-free parking system.

These machines help to streamline the whole parking process

2. An e-concierge in your room’s TV

In our bedrooms, an e-concierge system can be found on the TV. We used this to learn more about the hotel’s amenities as well as nearby attractions.

When we weren’t able to find what we needed, we could scan a QR code to chat with the digital concierge. It was nice having such a service literally at our fingertips without needing to bother the receptionist each time.

3. Self-service laundrette at Spin ‘n Play

The self-service launderette in an area called Spin ‘n Play is another convenient feature at CFBB. It’s handy for both busy hybrid workers who are there for a short trip or digital nomads who are staying for months. 

After buying two RM8 tokens (one for washing and another for drying) from the reception, we headed to the 41st floor with our load of laundry. The machines came with labeled instructions, but we unfortunately ran into an issue with the washer. A call to the receptionist soon fixed things, with technicians quickly appearing to help us. 

Plenty of things to keep you occupied while waiting for your laundry

While waiting for our laundry, we decided to play several rounds of foosball in the lounge area. If the game isn’t your cup of tea, you could also use the cosy TV room for entertainment. 

4. Advanced gym equipment

A walk up the spiral staircase in Spin ‘n Play would lead you to the gym, and though we didn’t make time for working out, we were impressed by the modern equipment when we took a peek. 

Upon further inspection, we noticed the Technogym equipment used are some of the newer and more advanced models. They come with huge touch screens where entertainment can be accessed alongside workout sessions. The gym is also open 24/7 for the convenience of busy guests.  

The equipment in the gym look new and super high-tech

5. High-speed internet

A reliable internet connection is a must-have these days, but I know from personal experience that it’s still never guaranteed at a high-end hotel. Thankfully, during our three-day stay at CFBB, we did not encounter any issues or slowness with our Wi-Fi connection. 

Two hours of free Wi-Fi is provided at common spaces (though you can just log in again once the session is up), while in-room Wi-Fi is connected using a simple password provided upon check-in.  

6. A touchscreen jukebox

It’s a modernised version of traditional jukeboxes

Found in The Den, CFBB’s dining facility that’s open for 24/7 work and play, the Jukebox is a device where guests can put on their own music. Guests are invited to log in to their own Spotify accounts and let other patrons relish in (or judge) their taste in music.

While we were working there, someone did actually put on their own playlist, and we were jamming to every other song. 

We were too shy to actually strike up a conversation with the guest over their playlist, but those who are more gutsy could just find a new friend with matching music tastes through the Jukebox.

7. Premium temperature scanners

The scanner also takes a photo of you while scanning for record keeping 

While not on the scale of temperature scanners in large malls that you can just walk past, CFBB’s scanner was a much sleeker version than most non-contact thermometers often found elsewhere. 

There’s no need to awkwardly tiptoe or squat to get your forehead lined up just right with the sensor.

8. Round-the-clock security and surveillance 

On the hotel’s website, it says that one of the amenities are “round-the-clock security and CCTV surveillance,” and we’ve got good reason to believe they’re true.

During our stay, staff members would somehow serendipitously come to our rescue whenever we were in a pickle.

For example, when we were stuck outside Pow Wow (an exclusive lounge area for Premier room hotel guests), a staff member showed up in minutes to help us before we could even reach for our phones.

9. Motion sensor doors, taps, and dispensers

While working at The Den, I went looking for the toilet and was confused when I came upon a sign for one by the reception, but saw no visible handle to a door. Then, I realised it was a motion sensor door that required me to wave my hands in front of it to activate it. 

Motion sensor doors aren’t ground-breaking, but it’s a nice addition and a disabled-friendly option, though the actual toilet doors throughout the hotel’s common areas are still your standard door with a handle. 

On top of reducing points of physical contact, motion sensors can help to ensure no door is ever accidentally left open. This allows for energy conservation in terms of air conditioning.

The motion-activated sliding main door at the entrance of the building is one example of the above, and it was soundproof too. Once it sealed, the noises of the busy main street outside were completely shut out.

The grand sliding doors make the hotel feel like a sanctuary away from the city

Other features at CFBB that incorporate motion sensors are the taps and soap dispensers in the toilets. And of course, the hand sanitiser dispensers found throughout the hotel are also designed to be contact-free.

10. PC cubicles in Pow Wow

Two PCs can be found, tucked in cosy cubicles

We brought our own laptops to the workcation, but we also noticed there were PCs offered at Pow Wow for guests who might need them. The computers are placed in cubicles for added privacy. 

They’ll come in handy in the case of any laptop breakdowns, but can also serve as extra monitors for those who do coding or creative work.

Where tech-savviness and social living meet

On top of being digital-savvy, CFBB also brands itself as a “#SeriouslySocial” hotel. While technology is capable of replacing certain human touches, CFBB still provides tech-forward features without compromising on the social aspect of things. 

In fact, the tech is even used to promote it, such as with the Jukebox and at the laundrette, where idle chit-chat with other guests can be had. 

The environment that CFBB has fostered means digital nomads have the independence to choose between work and play as they wish. Since Wi-Fi is stable everywhere, the choice to spend one’s day working in their room or at the various social spaces available simply comes down to their mood.  

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