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As of December 2021, those who want to operate an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) in Malaysia legally must get a licence mandated by the Civil Aviation Authority of Malaysia (CAAM). 

The basic requirement is to get a drone competency certificate, otherwise known in the industry as a Remote Pilot Certificate of Competency-Basic (RCoC-B).

The RCoC-B is like a driver’s licence for a remote pilot. This certificate is introduced to ensure drone flyers in charge of their UAV understand the regulations, operating requirements, and procedures for safely flying these drones.

There are also more in-depth courses, including RCoC Module 1 (EVLOS), and RCoC Module 2 (Agriculture). 

  • Module 1: Extended Visual Line of Sight (EVLOS) Certificate allows you to conduct operations involving an unmanned aircraft flown beyond VLOS but with trained observers using first-person view (FPV) goggles.
  • Module 2: Agricultural Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) Operations allows you to conduct agricultural dispensation operations.

This certification entails both theory and practical training, and requires prospective remote pilots to pass a written and practical exam.

Here are six Malaysian drone academies offering classes so you can get certified with the CAAM.

1. Aeronerve

Image Credit: Aeronerve

Located in Selangor, Aeronerve is a Malaysian drone-based remote sensing service provider operated by Technerve Technology.

Aeronerve’s training course will go through all the necessary knowledge and skills in drone operation and its common applications. Its syllabus is also updated with the latest input regarding the UAV laws and regulations from locals and international authorities.

The courses offered at Aeronerve are designed and delivered by certified professional drone pilots, who are experienced in drone operating missions and also in drone-related businesses.


  • Drone Proficiency Training;
  • Data Acquisition Training;
  • Online Drone Mastery Class.

Prices: Starts at RM100.

Contact: Reach them on their website or Facebook

2. AirAsia Drone Academy

Image Credit: AirAsia

Leveraging its aviation background, AirAsia announced earlier this year that it will be providing drone pilot training to Malaysians. 

Classroom training will be run at AirAsia Academy in KL Sentral, while practical training will be conducted at the YMCA Kuala Lumpur field, adjacent to KL Sentral.

Employers who enrol their employees into the programme upskilling can also claim the expense from HRD Corp.


  • RCoC-B;
  • RCoC Module 1 (EVLOS).

At the end of the course, participants will receive the RCoC-B and RCoC Module 1 certificates respectively, issued by the Airasia Drone Academy

Prices: RM2,400-RM6,000.

Contact: Reach them on their website or Facebook

3. Asia Drone Technical Academy (Asia Drone)

Image Credit: Asia Drone Technical Academy

Based in Johor and KL, Asia Drone claims to be Malaysia’s first accredited drone academy to obtain the Malaysian Skill Certificate for drone piloting. 

The courses also give students the opportunity to engage with drone operators who are industry-based and learn key techniques based on real-life scenarios.

In addition to teaching students how to fly a drone, Asia Drone’s programmes will help you understand the hardware and firmware that goes into executing a successful and safe drone operation. 

Courses: RCoC-B, including Module 1 (EVLOS) and Module 2 (Agriculture).

Upon completion, participants will receive the RCoC-B Drone competency certificate from CAAM. 

Prices: RM2,000-RM3,500.

Contact: Reach them on their website, Facebook, or WhatsApp 012-661 4609.

4. DJI

Image Credit: DJI

One of the more established drone providers in Malaysia, DJI Enterprise has its own drone training academy in Selangor. 

Its UAV training facility provides localised and customisable drone pilot training courses taught by instructors equipped with years of industrial drone operation experience.

DJI Academy’s training course consists of online and classroom theory learning, simulation, and hands-on training.

It is also compliant with the standards and requirements of CAAM, to ensure that their students are aware of the local drone regulation and permit application process.

Enterprise Drone Training is offered at DJI Academy for employee upskilling too, which is HRD Corp claimable.


  • UAS Pilot Training;
  • Ariel Photography;
  • UAS Inspection;
  • RCoC-B.

Prices: RM2,800-RM4,800.

Contact: Reach them on their website, Facebook, or Instagram.

5. Drone Academy Asia

Image Credit: Drone Academy Asia

The founders of Drone Academy Asia come from a blended background in Drones Consulting, MarTech, and Business Strategy. Part of the academy’s founding team also includes Poladrone’s (now known as Aonic) CEO and founder, Jin Xi Cheong. 

Located in Cyberjaya, Drone Academy provides drone training with a comprehensive drones curriculum and certification programmes to upskill workforces in drone applications catered to related industries. 

In line with the CAAM’s objectives, Drone Academy has come up with a solid regulatory framework and a standardised curriculum approved by the CAAM.

Programmes are customisable and feature professional in-person, hands-on training, scenario-based training, and industry-specific advanced drone training for various sectors.


  • Ariel Mapping & Surveying;
  • RCoC-B;
  • RCoC Module 2 (Agriculture).

Prices: RM2,950-RM6,500.

Contact: Reach them on their website or Facebook

6. University College of Aviation Malaysia (UNICAM)

Image Credit: University College of Aviation Malaysia

University College of Aviation Malaysia (UNICAM) is based in Selangor and was set up with a central focus on aviation management-related knowledge and information in Malaysia.

Primarily offering undergraduate and postgraduate courses in all things related to the aviation industry, UNICAM also offers short courses, like a certificate programme in drone piloting.

Courses: The Drone Piloting Programme is a two-day certification course that covers theory, practical lessons, and drone safety procedures.

Prices: RM1,900.

Contact: Reach them on their website or Facebook.

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Featured Image Credit: Drone Academy Asia

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