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Spotify and Uber has recently announced their newly formed partnership to bring their users’ riding and listening experiences to a whole new level.

From November 21, riders will now be able to listen to their Spotify playlists en route to their next destination – not on their phones, but over the stereo on their Uber rides.

What may seem complicated is simplified for the users through the integration of Spotify with the Uber App.

Users only have to:

  1. Connect their Spotify account from the Uber Profile Screen
  2. Request a ride as per normal in the Uber app and if you are matched with a Spotify-enabled Uber, the music bar will appear at the bottom of the app for you to click on.
  3. Tap on it and choose the perfect playlist from your Spotify account to enjoy during the ride.
Image Credit: android.conanecu.ro
Image Credit: android.conanecu.ro

The selected playlist will automatically begin the moment the ride starts. Riders will have the control so there is no need to inch forward to change the song. Simply change it through your Spotify or Uber app on your phone.

Take a ride with Spotify and Uber

Ten cities across four continents will be able to get the first taste of this new collaboration. The global launch is set to include cities such as London, Los Angeles, Nashville, New York, San Francisco and – home sweet home – Singapore.

Spotify and Uber promises to include more cities in the following weeks to come.

The surprises don’t stop there as special events such as artist ride-alongs and exclusive live sessions in five of the ten cities will be available for fans to experience music during their Uber rides with their favourite artists.

Andrew W.K, Diplo, Matt and Kim, and local band The Sam Willows are some of the artists that will be featured for the special events.

However, the new collaboration will only be available to Spotify Premium users on iOS as Android users will only be able to access a limited feature set. Sorry freeloaders.

Too much?

As this new option inevitably brings a more enjoyable journey for the riders, will the drivers have to sit in to listening to pop rock or even heavy metal?

Image Credit: Uber and Spotify
Image Credit: Uber and Spotify

Uber Co-Founder & CEO Travis Kalanick and Spotify Founder & CEO Daniel Ek today announced a new partnership enabling users to soundtrack their Uber ride.

According to Spotify’s Founder and CEO Daniel Ek:“Having Spotify available in your Uber car, we think, takes Spotify to the next level. Imagine you’re going to a party on a Friday night, you can choose which music is playing to get you in the mood.”

With that said, drivers would still be able to decide they wish to enable their Spotify option or not. So ultimately, drivers still have control over the volume if heavy metal or pop hits from One Direction just isn’t their thing.

Then again, Uber passengers get rated too so don’t go abusing your Spotify privileges now, cause you might just lose your Uber rides too.

For now, let us enjoy our music through our earphones and if we’re lucky, our Uber drivers may just want to enjoy them with us.

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