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At Vulcan Post, we’re no strangers to hybrid work. We’ve implemented a company-wide WFH day once a week, and have even experimented with the glorified four-day work week for a month.

Research from late 2021 found that 80% of Malaysian employees prefer to WFH weekly, with almost half preferring to do so at least three days a week. The same is reflected in Singapore as well, with eight in 10 workers favouring flexible working arrangements.

From our own experience, we’ve come to realise that there is no “one size fits all” approach to hybrid work practices. 

Depending on the industry, work processes, company size, and many other factors, hybrid work can be implemented in different ways and at various capacities.

However, regardless of the frequency or arrangements of working remotely, there are common concerns across the board, which include difficulties in upholding team-based collaboration, maintaining company productivity, and protecting data security.

To help navigate these pain points, Dell Technologies (Dell) rolled out their Tech IT Easy Webinar Series

So far, they’ve kicked off the programme on January 11 with a talk on “5 Key IT Tips You Should Know in 2023”, with “you” being the decision-makers in companies.

With the next webinar session happening on March 30, 2023, here’s what you can expect when attending the free 40-minute talk, and the following ones.

The first episode will be moderated by Cynthia Ng, who’s an anchor, editor, and producer from Astro AWANI, and will feature Ian Koay, the Senior Product Technologist from Dell’s Client Solutions Group, alongside Thomas Chan, a Commercial Master Trainer from Microsoft Malaysia. 

Solutions to maintain employee productivity while hybrid working

Image Credit: Dell Technologies

Episode 1 of the Tech IT Easy Webinar Series is titled, “How companies can create a modern IT environment without compromising productivity and security”. 

To help companies adopt hybrid working styles easier, this episode is set to address the challenges and proposed solutions for how employee productivity can be better managed when hybrid working.

For example, current employee management tools seem to be focused on tracking workers’ time on screen to measure productivity. But these systems can leave them feeling invaded rather than empowered. 

So, are there better tools available to help managers improve employee productivity, and build trust at the same time? This is just one of the issues Episode 1 intends to explore.

Understanding the security challenges that come with working on the cloud

The speakers for Episode 1: How to create a modern IT environment without compromising productivity and security? / Image Credit: Dell Technologies

Furthermore, the webinar will discuss overcoming security and privacy threats surrounding hybrid work. 

It’s inevitable that companies will move more processes to the cloud, as it’s an efficient way for an organisation to streamline their operations, scale and adapt faster, and maybe even reduce costs in the long run.

But this is a transformation that can impact data security in an organisation, if not executed knowledgeably. 

One suggestion that was touched on in the previous webinar was for companies to develop proper strategies on how to upload their data to cloud systems.

In addition, managers must educate their employees in using the tools in place for hybrid work. This not only equips staff members with the necessary resources to work off-site, but it will also help maintain the company’s data security.

Episode 1 will explore more potential security challenges that come with hybrid working, and how those can be overcome.

Creating the right infrastructure for hybrid working

As part of implementing an effective hybrid working environment, companies also need to have the right infrastructure. 

The webinar will also share tips on the kinds of Dell devices companies can leverage to improve their collaboration and productivity, while working securely no matter the location.

If you’re looking to gain more insights into how all this can be done, you can register for the Tech IT Easy Webinar Series Episode 1 here.

At the end of the day, each company has their own set of needs, and will need to find a hybrid working style that can accommodate their processes and employees.

Of course, for that to happen, employers must be willing to try new ideas and embrace change. While it can be a challenging journey, there is support available in many forms, with one example being Dell’s webinar.

  • Sign up for the free Tech IT Easy Webinar Series Episode 1 here.
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Vulcan Post aims to be the knowledge hub of Singapore and Malaysia.

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