Sarsha Punch  |  Singapore
Published 2014-11-21 15:00:07

I turned 30 just a few weeks ago. Ladies, you know how as we were kids we looked forward to our Sweet-16th, and the boys looked forward to their 18th-Bash? Then the next milestone from there was turning 21 because that’s when we supposedly became ‘Name-Sake-Adults’. Well, I’ve personally always looked forward to turning 30.

Last year on my 29th birthday, I made a promise to myself: that I would travel once a month for 12 months and that I would welcome in my 30th year with renewed perspective and refreshed goals.

I’m proud to say that against all odds, I kept that promise to myself. Through this one year of soul searching, I have made peace with some demons I have been carrying around with me, and most importantly I have realized how blessed I truly am and that I may not have always expressed gratitude for it.


So I decided to make a list of 30 things I’ve learnt in 30 years for me to realize what life lessons I have personally gained and also as a reminder to my future self of what I have accomplished so far. Hopefully, these 30 things would also serve to help you along in your life and perhaps see life in a slightly different, and more positive perspective.

  1. Where you live mentally is more powerful than where you are physically.
  2. Doing good is more important than doing well.
  3. They say money doesn’t grow on trees; but that depends on what root, fruit, seed or flower your tree bears.
  4. Relatives are the people that you share your roots with. Family is whoever you decide it should be.
  5. Friends come and go. You need to differentiate who are there just for the party, who are there to help you set up beforehand and most importantly…clean up afterwards.
  6. Do all the theoretic research you want- but you will never truly learn or understand unless you do it yourself, experience it first hand and see it with your own eyes.IMG_17733213784974
  7. You don’t need to give birth to a child to be a good mother.
  8. I will always love my country, irregardless of the close-minded fools that try to run it to the ground. Tanah Tumpahnya Darahku.
  9. Traveling is fun. However when you land, nothing sounds as comforting as, “…to all Malaysians, welcome Home.”, and then whacking a nasi lemak at the neighbourhood mamak with your friends.
  10. Growing up with pets brings out a side of you that nothing else ever will. It teaches you to love someone else more than you love yourself.IMG_17365390285973
  11. Achievements mean so much more when you have someone to share them with.
  12. As corny as it sounds, Home really is where the Heart is…and that doesn’t always end up being the country you were born and raised in.
  13. ‘Luck’ is the end result of months and years of preparation, positioning and patience. Right place, right time.
  14. A series of unfortunate events is only unfortunate if you don’t learn something from it.
  15. Sometimes, the right thing to do is the hardest thing to do.
  16. The dire need to be right will either leave you lonely or surrounded by idiots.
  17. The grass isn’t greener on the other side. It’s greener only where you water it.
  18. Parents make mistakes too. Forgive them.
  19. Everyone has a different definition of success.IMG_18132472250974
  20. It’s just a job. Not your entire life.
  21. Try to trust your first instinct. You subconsciously know what’s best for you.
  22. People will always misunderstand you. That’s ok. As long as you understand yourself.
  23. The world is too big to believe that your way is the only way, and that your way is the right way. Getting to know the locals during your travels will teach you that.
  24. You can’t control who you are attracted to (or not attracted to) and your feelings for them.
  25. Everyone has a different way of expressing their love. Just because it’s not how you would show it, doesn’t make it less worthy.
  26. Regret drains more out of your soul than any other failure you will experience in your life.IMG_18870848154973
  27. Curiosity kills the cat, but make sure it’s always worth it.
  28. ‘Peace Of Mind’ is something you own and carry with you. Not somewhere you travel to in order to experience temporarily.
  29. Don’t kill your inner child. Youth is the most important thing you can hold on to. It is infectious and uplifting.
  30. Like good wine, age well. Take on each year proudly.

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