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You’ve heard of a post office, but have you seen a postcard office?

Well, the more common term is a postcard station. These stations are essentially places where you can write and send out postcards, typically ones that are cute and customised.

One homegrown team that’s been in the business of creating these postcard stations is We Post, We Care.

The founder of We Post, We Care is one Will Sii. Born in Sarawak, Malaysia, Will was raised in neighbouring Brunei.

Even before starting We Post, We Care, he had always been involved in various creative projects and roles.

Image Credit: We Post, We Care

Through his journey, he discovered that his true passion was in postcards, and using them as a means of connecting people and spreading positivity. He felt like there was a market gap for people to easily send messages and connect with loved ones in a meaningful way.

With that, his brand, We Post, We Care, got its start all the way back in 2011.

Cultivating a culture

“The inspiration behind the project was the desire to create a tangible way for people to connect and show they care, in an era where digital communication often feels impersonal,” Will explained.

Image Credit: We Post, We Care

The founder clarified, though, that We Post, We Care is more than just a postcard brand or service. Rather, it’s a movement that encourages people to share their care and appreciation through handwritten postcards.

How the business does this is by helping people send out their postcards through postcard stations at various locations. Currently, they have stations at both Bukit Jalil Tsutaya Books and Tsutaya Bookstore Intermark Mall.  

These stations come typically complete with not just the postcards but also stationery, stamps, and inkpads for that extra bit of customisation. Of course, many of those who are involved in the community will bring their own equipment too.

Once complete, you can drop your special postcards off in the accompanying mailboxes, which are usually specially designed by the team as well. The team collects and sends out the mail every few days.

Additionally, We Post, We Care also sets up its postcard stations as pop-ups at various events to reach more people and spread the joy of sending postcards.

Image Credit: We Post, We Care

Aside from its physical stations, We Post, We Care does carry quite a range of postcards online for people to buy too. Prices range from RM4 to RM8. The website also offers stickers, notebooks, as well as customisable cards.

“Our curated collection of postcards, crafted by myself, in-house talent and collaborations with artists, aims to make sending postcards a delightful experience,” Will said.

Artists that they’ve worked with include ManComic, OhKay, SillyJellie, and TamagoPanda.

From their postcard stations and events, the team also offers special, limited-edition postcards and stamps, providing the community with refreshing and exclusive experiences.

Posting into the future

Over the years, We Post, We Care has grown quite a lot, not just in their offerings but also in their community.

Image Credit: We Post, We Care

The team also collaborates with a diverse range of artists, selecting them based on their creativity and alignment of values.

This collaborative approach ensures a vibrant and engaging postcard collection for everyone, Will said.

“We continued to offer more collections through respectful and potential partnerships with clients and artists,” Will said. “Our core philosophy of spreading positivity and love through communication remains unchanged, driving our evolution and expansion.”

But this growth isn’t just reflected for their business, but for the whole postcard culture in Malaysia as a whole.

From the team’s observations, there’s now more postcards available for purchase in the market, indicating a growing appreciation for this form of communication. 

As a stationery lover myself, I indeed have noticed that postcards have become more commonplace. This was something I noticed in bookstores as well as at the recent SOMe Market on June 8 and 9.

Personally, I love gifting postcards, especially ones created by local artists, to friends as they’re essentially small pieces of artwork that can also carry a message.

“The postcard community has always been present,” he clarified. “We believe We Post, We Care has played a significant role in keeping this culture thriving and in cultivating a renewed appreciation for handwritten communication.”

Specifically, Will thinks that We Post, We Care’s commitment to personalisation and creativity has contributed to the growth of postcard culture in Malaysia.

Image Credit: We Post, We Care

The goal now is to further cultivate this culture by expanding their postcard stations to more locations, introducing new postcard designs, and enhancing user experience.

“In the long term, we aim to establish We Post, We Care as a leading platform for meaningful communication and connection globally,” Will shared. “We plan to achieve these goals through strategic partnerships, community engagement, and continuous innovation.”

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Featured Image Credit: We Post, We Care

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