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Millennia Village is not your typical old folks’ home. It’s a place where you can ditch the rocking chair and grab your walking shoes, your dancing shoes, and maybe even your paintbrush. 

The designers created this luxurious active and independent senior home for those who seek to experience a new way of enjoying life in their wiser years.

Located in a sprawling 32-acre haven in Seremban, Negeri Sembilan, Millennia Village is a luxury active retirement living designed for active seniors aged 50 to 85. 

The founders, John Chia, Susan Ho, and Peter Ho envisioned a community where residents could lead fulfilling, meaningful lives. 

The minds behind the resort-styled living for seniors

John Chia, the Chairman and Managing Director of Unisem (M) Berhad, brings a wealth of experience from the semiconductor industry. Having practised law and run businesses in Seremban, he wanted to create something iconic and unprecedented in his hometown. 

Susan Ho, with 30 years of experience in quarry operations and property development, sees Millennia Village as the perfect place to stay active, build connections, and have fun during the best years of one’s life. 

With her penchant for creativity, it’s said that you can find some of her drawings and paintings around Millennia Village and its suites.

Peter Ho, the maverick behind the aesthetics and structure, is an architect with a philosophy of integrating functional designs within natural landscapes. His architectural design group, Peter Ho Architect and Graphoz Design, has been creating remarkable designs across Malaysia since 1994.

Image Credit: Millennia Village

A community inspired by Blue Zones

The founders recognised a gap in the market for senior living. While the ageing population is healthier, they felt that there wasn’t a place that comprehensively provided the elements necessary for prolonging longevity. 

They envisioned a community that incorporates the fundamental aspects of Blue Zones—regions known for their high concentrations of centenarians and healthy lifestyles. Some examples include Sardinia, Italy, and Okinawa, Japan.

Their goal was to create a vibrant community where residents could enjoy a fulfilling life while adhering to principles that contribute to a long and healthy life.

Instead of spending their later years in isolation and boredom, the founders believe in offering an environment that encourages physical activity, social engagement, a healthy diet, and a sense of purpose. 

“This community would integrate these key elements, such as communal areas for socialising, wellness programmes, nutritious dining options, and activities that promote mental and physical well-being,” said Diane Chia, executive director of Millennia Village.

Finance model

While some property developers opt to sell elderly-friendly units, Millennia Village has a rent-only model.

Image Credit: Millennia Village

This approach, common in places like Australia, the United States, and parts of Europe, has been successful in maintaining high-quality living standards.

By leasing rather than selling it ensures high-quality service offerings and consistent maintenance while ensuring long-term affordability for residents.

“This model ensures that residents enjoy a premium living experience without the financial burden of ownership.”

“Additionally, it allows us to respond to the evolving needs of our community, providing a dynamic and adaptable environment that prioritises resident satisfaction and well-being,” Diane told Vulcan Post.

Its rental-only model starts at RM5,500 per month including housekeeping, two meals a day, a low-impact gym, and other amenities designed to make the place a sanctuary for the elderly.

Image Credit: Millennia Village

Design and amenities

The designers meticulously harmonise the village with its natural surroundings by transforming an old mining quarry. They incorporate various jungle trees, ferns, and a grand heart-shaped opening in the roof to create an environment where residents can connect with nature. 

High, majestic roofs capture light, wind, and views, blurring the boundary between indoor and outdoor landscapes. This design creates outdoor rooms that allow residents to become one with their green surroundings.

Image Credit: Millennia Village

“In the village area, all public amenities have wide and tall doors, and each floor is planned as a single level with no drops in between for easy access and a sense of spatial openness.”

“We’ve placed benches and sitting areas in unexpected spots to create gathering and rest points, encouraging dialogue and discourse,” said Diane.

Private tower blocks flanking the public village space offer units with balconies, allowing residents to create their own little gardens. The public spaces are expansive, airy, and filled with light, creating a calm and uplifting environment.

“The doors are wide, and bathrooms are fitted with senior-friendly features like grab bars, shower seats, and panic buttons,” she shared.

Image Credit: Millennia Village

Millennia Village designs its public areas to host a variety of lively events, ensuring the space remains vibrant and engaging. They have a multi-purpose fitness studio, swimming pool, gym and activity rooms such as a game room, cinema, music room, hair salon, reading room and function room, to name a few. 

These facilities are as far from the stereotype of the drab and depressing old age home as they can get. The emphasis on fun, social connection, and overall happiness ensures that residents can thrive in a supportive and stimulating environment tailored to their needs and preferences.

The village comprises three phases, with phase one featuring 344 one and two-bedroom units for independent living.

Plans are in place for phase two, which will cater to seniors requiring assisted care, and phase three will offer larger units for independent senior living. 

Image Credit: Millennia Village

The future of senior living in Malaysia

As increasing numbers of Malaysians enter their twilight years, upscale retirement homes have started to come up. These homes offer options for active seniors who are downsizing, as well as for those requiring a little more support with their day-to-day living.

A few developments have sprung up in Klang Valley in the last few years alone such as Acacia by Pacific Senior Living which we recently stayed at, Sunway Sanctuary, Komune Living Living & Wellness, and Domitys Bangsar.

Although Millennia Village is not a nursing home for the sick or an assisted living facility for those in need of more attention, it fosters a vibrant and supportive community that promotes physical and mental well-being.

By offering a range of engaging activities and creating a strong sense of purpose, Millennia Village is on the track to help seniors lead longer, healthier lives. 

“Our goal is to provide an environment where seniors can thrive, supported by a community that encourages them to stay active, connected, and purposeful.”

“We believe that ageing doesn’t have to be synonymous with decline; instead, it can be a time filled with fun, activities, and enhanced quality of life,” she shared.

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Feature Image Credit: Millennia Village

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