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If you were active on the internet during the pandemic (and come on, who wasn’t?), you’d recall that mechanical keyboards had been all the rage.

Even if you weren’t in the community, or were personally vested in buying into the culture, you likely have scrolled past videos where people were click-clacking away at their customised mechanical keyboards.

This might have something to do with the fact that many of us were working from home and were interested in upgrading our gear, or maybe just the fact that we were chronically online and found ourselves consuming diverse content.

While the keeb craze seems to have died down a little these days, there’s still quite the community of people who are looking to build their dream keyboard or further customise the ones they already have. And when it comes to customisation, what better way to personalise than through artisanal keycaps?

And why not support local while you’re at it?

1. The KapCo

Image Credit: The KapCo

Initially starting as a reseller of plain-coloured keycaps for mechanical keyboards, The KapCo is now a homegrown brand that has its own range of bespoke caps.

Aside from their The Kapco Colorway and The KapCo Original, the business has even worked with international artists for its Artist Collection to create unique keycaps. They’ve even designed keycap sets with global keeb brands like Gateron and Mocankeys.

They’ve got something for everyone here, whether you enjoy a simplistic design, or more artistic ones. Aside from caps, they also offer other accessories like desk mats, keyboard frames, and more.

While the other brands on this list mainly sell artisanal keycaps individually, The KapCo sells primarily in sets.

Where to buy: Website

Price: Starts from RM235.99

Socials: Instagram

2. Zomgkey

Image Credit: Zomgkey

Founded in 2022, the Kuala Lumpur-based brand was founded by local artist Chorng.

His art features many localised designs, such as Malaysian delights like roti canai, nasi lemak, and durian. If you’re not too keen on going the food route, Zomgkey also has a rafflesia keycap that is oh-so beautiful.

Zomgkey’s signature style involves a clear resin top to showcase and protect the actual art, while giving a sense of depth.

Where to buy: Website

Price: Starts at RM119

Socials: Instagram

3. The Project Mew

Image Credit: The Project Mew

Fans of Pokémon will likely recognise this brand’s name as the research project in the series that involves finding Mew and collecting genes of various Pokémon.

This Shah Alam-based brand specialises in customised 3D prints, which make for some pretty unique designs.

Its catalogue of keycaps includes ones depicting Pokémon, Nintendo characters like Mario and Kirby, Star Wars-themed creations, and so much more. You can take a peek of the full catalogue here.

Where to buy: MKB.MY stores

Price: Starts at RM40

Socials: Instagram

4. Rebult Keyboards

Image Credit: Rebult Keyboards

Founded in 2020, Rebult Keyboards is another brand that actually focuses on selling all things mechanical keyboards. The founders believe that they were among the first to start bringing in more products from abroad to Malaysia.

On top of offering their array of keyboard accessories and parts, the brand also got into the business of creating its own keycaps.

Well, specifically, they’ve worked with Royal Selangor to create some one-of-a-kind pewter caps. These are the only exclusive keycaps they seem to have released, but it appears to still be available, so if you’re looking for a real, Malaysian collector’s item, look no further.

Where to buy: Website

Price: RM269.25

Socials: Instagram

5. Ducky Caps

Image Credit: Ducky Caps

Behind Ducky Caps is a clay craft artist by the name of Aena. Based in Kuala Lumpur, this brand was established in March 2021 and features super adorable keycap creations. Personally, the ones featuring felines and Corgis are especially cute.

Aside from keycaps, Ducky Caps also produces charms, pins, and keychains. They take commissions as well, so if you like their art style, you can reach out through Instagram.

Where to buy: Instagram

Price: Starts from RM60

Socials: Instagram

6. Nunanaa

Image Credit: Nunanaa

Based out of Sarawak, Nunanaa creates and sells a range of stickers, but also artisan keycaps. The artist has been crafting and selling these caps since February last year.

Nunanaa seems to specialise in characters. Their Shopee currently lists a number of polymer clay caps in designs like Inu (dog) and even Totoro. The brand is also open to commissions.

Where to buy: Shopee

Price: Starts from RM75

Socials: Instagram

7. Milkhue

Established by Aida Masturina, who was 22 and a graphic design student at the time of founding, Milkhue is a purveyor of adorable, pastel-toned keycaps that range from decadent kaya butter toasts to Nasi Lemak.

Unfortunately, Milkhue is currently not taking orders. There hasn’t been an official announcement, but the brand was last active during CAFKL last year.

Still, considering how cute, we couldn’t leave them out of this list.

If you’re real keen on shopping her products, we actually spotted their products at MKB.MY in SS15, so you might want to try your luck there.

Where to buy: MKB.MY store

Price: N/A

Socials: Instagram

Keebing up with the community

Over the years, as the mechanical keyboard community has grown, so has various keycap artists. But just as many have come, many have also gone.

Milkhue might be one, but there are others, with others being PopKeys, Kapsule Lab, and certainly many more.

While it’s understandable that not all brands will withstand the test of time, we hope to see the names on this list continue to offer keyboard enthusiasts in Malaysia a way to showcase their personalities while spotlighting local artists.

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Featured image Credit: Duck Caps / Rebult Keyboards / Zomgkeys

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