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We all have problems. Especially first world problems. For instance, whenever we’re out and about, or simply chilling at home, remembering where we last placed our phones can be pretty challenging. It’s even worse when you realise your phone was left on silent mode. Now that is when the real panic begins.

In recent years; what with the onslaught of camera phones, smartphones, and now even phablets, someone must have wondered – hasn’t some tech genius been able to create an app or device that helps you retrieve your phone in an effective manner?

Well, ladies and gentlemen, apparently someone has been taking notes, as an app has officially been developed to aid us in our forgetful nature.

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Introducing Whistle Phone Finder, a free Android app created by Nine Hertz India, made to work like how a man calls for his dog, but on a whole other level.

Basically, when the app is turned on and you whistle a tune, your phone will immediately respond with a unique sound you picked, provided that your phone is within range and not in some alternate universe.

Upon launching the app, users are greeted with colours that resemble the myriad of colours found on an artist’s palette. Its playful colours represent the app well, as whistling tunes in search for your beloved tech companion has just turned something annoying into something fun! But if you can’t handle the bright tones at one go, you do have the delightful option of changing the colour theme to suit your preferences.

For starters, do check the ‘Enable Whistle Phone Finder’ option, and then proceed to tap ‘Whistle Sensitivity Setup’, which lets you select how easily the app should ring. Of course, depending on your personal usage, you will need to experiment with this feature in order to discover what works best for you.

Next up, choose a sound you desire. You are welcome to choose any audio file from your phone, or simply select one from among 10 built-in apps available. What’s quite cool is that the app can also access your phone or tablet’s camera flash pulse, turning your device into a light-flashing, music-blasting object that is impossible to ignore. Do remember to enable the ‘Use High Volume Audio Volume’ option for maximum effectiveness.

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Working Behind The Scenes

Whenever your phone is in sleep mode, the app is activated. So, the next time you need to locate it, just freely whistle, and your chosen sound will respond to your call. In fact, the app still works despite your phone being in silent mode!

However, it isn’t encouraged for the app to be enabled full-time, as it drains your battery at a much faster pace. If you find that it becomes a bit of nuisance, you can consider enabling the app only when you go to areas where your phone is at a higher risk of being misplaced.

Overall, the app works just fine, and is a handy tool in fishing out our phones, which saves time and reduces panic. But it still has its downsides. If you were to be in loud environments, you might not hear the alarm. If you’re too far, your phone may not respond. And if your phone runs out of battery from having the app turned on all the time, then how would you find it then?

I guess it all just boils down to one thing. Always take note of where your phone is, as surely we can be responsible for an object that small. And with the growing sizes of smartphones nowadays, maybe it’ll be harder to lose?

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Vulcan Post aims to be the knowledge hub of Singapore and Malaysia.

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