We present the best apps ever to make your life simpler, and you lazier.

Jean Khoo  |  Singapore
Published 2014-12-10 16:00:17

As we all know, technology has become more advanced and it has grown to accommodate ease of life by making our lives simpler; however, we cannot deny that it is also making us lazy.

These days we are always depending on app for almost everything, even simple tasks. It’s funny to think that us humans used to do all these easy tasks manually instead of depending on apps on our smartphone. Well to be fair, the world is a lot more complicated now than before. Here are 10 apps available for Android or Apple devices that you could rely on to make this complicated world a lot simpler, and to make you a whole lot lazier.

1. TaskRabbit

Image Credit: Abcey

With TaskRabbit, you could hire someone to do almost every single thing in the world for you, someone will be willing to do the task for you for a fair price. Even simple tasks like folding your bed sheet, washing dishes in the kitchen, blow drying your hair, grocery shopping, you name it. If you are lazy and you have enough cash, you will never have to do anything on your own ever again. It sounds like an awesome deal but this app makes you pay the price for being a lazy person, literally!

2. Water Your Body

Image Credit: Google Play
Image Credit: Google Play

This app is undeniably useful. It works better than your mom because this app reminds you to drink water and tells you the amount of water you need to drink throughout the rest of the day. You can also choose your desirable cup size and customise your drinking plan to suit your needs. Drinking water is a simple task and we do it everyday and yet there is a need for an app like this to remind you to so.

3. Blower

Image Credit: App Store (iOS)
Image Credit: App Store (iOS)

The name is not what is sounds like. Blower is an app that contains a blowing feature that could turn it into a real air blower. So when you are too lazy to open your mouth to blow out your candles, perhaps you could try using this app instead. This app sounds quite silly but it actually exists. Currently this app costs US$0.99 in the App Store. Would you pay US$0.99 for something to blow things for you (small, tiny things)? I mean, is that really necessary?

4. Remote

Image Credit: App Store (iOS)
Image Credit: App Store (iOS)

Getting up from your couch to change a song or playlist is not a hard thing to do. However, this app is created for and dedicate to lazy people who do not feel like getting up from their comfy couches. Other than that, just a few taps on your iPhone and you could play iTunes Radio from every corner in your room with AirPlay speakers.

5. Yo

Image Credit: App Store (iOS)

Currently Yo is available for Android and iOS devices and the app is free. The only purpose of this app is to send a single word “Yo” to people that you have selected. Then your receiver will receive a push notification which says “Yo” with a voice saying the same “Yo”. Typing two letters is not hard but still there is an app for you to send these two letters. Nevertheless, some users feel that this app is a good tool to catch up with old friends. It’s non-invasive and straightforward. Just a simple’Yo’ might just make their day.

6. Cry Translator

Image Credit: Neo Teo

It is true that taking care of a baby is not easy, especially when they start to cry and wail their heads off. However, with Cry Translator, you can use your iPhone to find out why your baby is crying because it’s just too much work and effort to slowly figure out the reason on your own. This app is not free and it costs US$4.99.

7. BroApp

Image Credit: IPug TV

The main function of the BroApp is to text a your girlfriend automatically at the selected time in order to give you more time to spend with “the bros”. The user can compose a number of messages and the message can be timed to be sent even if he is occupied enjoying his time with his bros. Everyone can easily spend a minute or two to send a text, but apparently some of us rather pay US$1.99 for an app to do it for us.

8. Sound Grenade

Image Credit: App Store (iOS)
Image Credit: App Store (iOS)

This app was created less than an hour as mentioned by CrunchGear. The app produces a loud and annoying high pitched sound which you could use if you need to handle a huge crowd that seems difficult to control. Perfect for people who are too lazy to shout with their own voices, or people with a sore throat,  this app helps you to do the yelling you need to do.

9. Simple Meal Reminder

Image Credit
Image Credit: Google Play

As the name suggests, this app, available for iOS and Android, reminds you to eat. Just a few taps, you can customize reminder messages and set reminder to silent, vibrate, or play your default notification sound. The question is why would people need an app to remind them to eat?

It is understandable that sometimes you forget to take your medication or supplements but forgetting to eat sounds ridiculous.  When you’re hungry, just get up and grab something; unless, you need a reminder to be hungry. This app may be useful but it is unnecessary. If you do need something to remind you to eat because of your super busy schedule, perhaps just setting a phone alarm would do.

10. Audible

Image Credit: The Digital Reader

I have a love-hate relationship with this app. I love it because I do not have to move my eyes to absorb information and this app is perfect for a long car rides. However, I hate it because sometime I feel stupid to rely on an app to read books out loud for me. “What is so hard about reading? Just read!”

But you know what, maybe later. I’m kind of lazy now.


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