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Primary and secondary school kids in Singapore will be looking forward to their June holiday break soon but the working adults can only afford to reminisce about their younger days, when they too enjoyed the luxury of an extended scheduled break.

A life of travel seems like a wonderful idea, but in truth it’s not something that too many people do here in Singapore. Many of us go straight from the education system into the workforce. Traveling takes a backseat, turning into something to be done only when a break is required.

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However, that doesn’t stop people from dreaming of traveling. Even if we’re hard at work, there is the occasional visit to a travel site to check out air ticket prices or the coolest new places to visit.

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The Internet and the acceleration of technology has allowed this generation to stare wistfully at their computer screens and imagine themselves visiting far off places; traipsing the Europe out of a backpack, experiencing life in the African bush, or living hazardously in the Amazon.

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But ideals alone do not make travelers. Another excuse often trotted out to curtail travel plans? A lack of money. Maybe just enough for a quick getaway to one of Singapore’s neighbours. While that certainly can be very fulfilling fun, it doesn’t quite make the cut if one thinks of travel as a way to experience the big and wide world that lies in wait.

Let Airbnb help! Their #WinAView contest is aimed to give you and a travel buddy a chance at fulfilling the travel plans you’ve put on the back-burner for too long now. As part of their global ‘Views‘ campaign, Airbnb is inviting you to ‘look at the world through different eyes.’

Money for plane tickets and money to book that unique loft you may have been eyeing
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For those who have been dying to travel lately, this is just nothing short of a golden opportunity. With over $12,000 cash value up for grabs, your plans for budget travel just got a little upgrade.

You can now afford to dream bigger. How about staying a castle or an seashell house? Or something for the diehard romantics, like a houseboat right under the nose of the Eiffel Tower? If none of those tickle your fancy, go right ahead and browse through the seemingly endless rental listings available on Airbnb.

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To avoid disappointment, read up on the full list of Official Rules, just to make certain that you qualify.

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