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  • Sincerity. Increasingly, the credentials reflected on students’ resumes are getting stronger, but also more similar. Almost everyone has done brilliantly to enter local universities, and are very much involved in school activities, which paint a fulfilling and wholesome undergraduate life. When meeting interns-to-be in real life, spotting/sensing sincerity is important. It’s not merely sincerity in wanting to join Hai Sia, but as a general approach in their lives – why did they decide to join dance, why did they decide to pursue Mandarin at A-Level, why did they decide to intern at their prior stints and etc. Sincerity tends to translate into passion, and then drive; and when you see them talk about these parts of their lives during the interview, they tend to open up a lot more, become more relaxed, and that’s when you get a glimpse of their personality.  
  • Grit. Since May 2016 till December 2018, I had the privilege and joy to have hired 22 interns for Hai Sia for different functions – Business Operations, Finance, Marketing and Quality Assurance. Hai Sia is not the most intuitive company for people to work at, and thus, it attracts fairly special characters to join the family. Having grit is a precious strength – I interviewed students who do internships because they need the money as a result of their family circumstances, a gentlemen who chose internship roles that require him to speak more because he has a speech deficiency that he would like to overcome, and someone who tried 4 times because making in to his school’s basketball team. Grit is not something to boast about, and neither is it a sob story to win an interviewer’s heart, but it’s the display of quiet resilience and strength over time. 
  • Humility. An individual who is humble sings about his/her achievement with pride but not arrogance, is honest, and demonstrates the willingness to learn. It’s subtle, not everyone has it (or can retain that quality) and we should be lucky to come across people who are humble.

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