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Answered by Jacky Yap  , Managing Director at GRVTY Media Pte. Ltd.

Hi there!

I'm not really a VC but I think there are 2 ways: one is for you to create more positive news around your company via PR, and as the words spread, VCs will also hear about it. I'm sure VCs are always on the hunt for great business to invest their money in.

Another way is that, you can curate a dedicated email list of all the VCs that you are interested in, and actively send quarterly / biannual / annual updates to them so that they are kept in the loop on any progress or funding needs your business might have. 

What I do is send out an annual end-of-year update of our company to our close partners, shareholders and potential investors to ensure that they are always in the know of what we are up to. Not too sure if any potential investors are "paying attention" but at least our close partners and shareholders are always kept in the loop. :) 

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