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Answered by Shigekawa Hidekatu, Director at H.A.M Creations

We tried morning to network with the morning breakfast sessions that BNI organized but had very little success or referral for jobs. It depends which industry and may not work for some businesses. Some of the events that the banks organize for their clients do help bring SMEs together.

Answered by Randy Chai  , Co-founder at nomnomby

Hi there,

Just be upfront and polite. You can participate in networking events or simply reach them on LinkedIn directly.
Entrepreneurs are always looking for like minded individuals to bounce off their ideas with. 

This very much depends on what you are currently doing, and the types of entrepreneurs that you want to network with. One thing I realised over the past few years is that as a media entrepreneur, it typically gets easier to meet fellow entrepreneurs the bigger your media business becomes. This makes sense since people are going to know about your business and the success of a media business do, to some extent, help make it easier for me to meet fellow entrepreneurs. If people know and like your website, they are going to be open to meeting you. 

Essentially, what I'm saying is that it become a lot easier to network with other entrepreneurs once you are also an entrepreneur. It also comes more naturally, since all of us entrepreneurs can be said to have the same job - run a business.