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Answered by Shigekawa Hidekatu, Director at H.A.M Creations

Hi Jacky,

We started 17 years ago when banks only gave business loans with collaterals so every cent that was made had to be spend wisely. We paid ourselves nothing or very little for the first 5 years (I would think that some months we had $300 and on better months we were paid $500) as I believe that prudence is one of the keys that kept the lights on. 

Answered by Kent Teo  , Founder at Invade

Hey Jacky, when we started Invade, we paid ourselves nothing.
Only some allowance ($100 to $200 a month) if we manage to get some cashflow, this lasted for first 12 months of the business. The beauty of bootstrap is to be able to manage working capital at the finger tip.
It is very fulfilling to see the start-up grow and we will always re-invest the resources so that we are able to grow and expand quickly.
Then again, bootstrap founders are very rare these days (self-praise) HAHA.

Answered by Jimmy Allen Poh  , Co-founder at Kydra Athletics

Hi Jacky, 

When we started Kydra, we did not for a second considered paying ourselves. The goal of the business was to create a household named brand that we could be proud of. We aimed for customer satisfaction and quality/usefulness of the product over everything else. 

A logical rationale would be that if you were going to invest a said amount of money into the company, would you draw out money from that investment every month? Unless the business is profiting, it wouldn't make sense to draw a salary. 

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