F.EAST is a Singapore food brand that was launched in 2017 to do one special thing, and that is to infuse the taste of iconic Asian cuisines into crunchy potato chips.

F.EAST was created to realize the ambitious vision of being The World’s Favourite Asian Potato Chips, thus providing customers with authentic taste and aroma of well-known and well-loved Asian cuisines such as Hainanese Chicken Rice, Singapore Laksa, Egg Prata With Fish Curry, and Beef Rendang.


This S'porean Couple Invested $100K To Let Us F.EAST On Chicken Rice And Laksa-Flavoured Chips

Late last year, social media in Singapore was abuzz with excitement over the launch of a new snack – F.EAST’s Laksa and Chicken Rice chips. We speak to the couple behind the brand.

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