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Used by world champions, Olympians, athletes and professionals, Hydragun is a performance technology startup that provides emerging product solutions to help individuals reach their physical and mental peak.

Eliminate Sore & Tight Muscles

With their mission to empower people to live their best lives through peak performance and recovery, Hydragun plans to have their massage devices into 1 million households by 2023.

The Quietest Massage Gun

Featured on Forbes as the Quietest Massage Gun on the market, the Hydragun is powered by its SmoothDrive™ Technology, a quiet motor that beats at 3,200 pulses per minute.

“As a professional athlete training numerous hours, every day of the week, recovery is the most important aspect of my training regime. HYDRAGUN makes my recovery easy, portable and accessable.”


Angela Lee

ONE Women’s Atomweight Champion

“If there’s one thing I wish I had back in my younger days it would be HYDRAGUN. My sons have been using this device, and it helped them recover better and faster after training. If you are a soccer player or athlete, I highly recommend you to include this into your recovery routine. Go HYDRAGUN!”

Fandi Ahmad

Ex-national Footballer and Head Coach of Singapore Premier League Young Lions

“I have tried so many of these massage guns out on the market, but HYDRAGUN has slowly become my go-to tool for preparing and recovering from a hard training session. All the different heads and settings this gun has allows me to customize and control each experience.”


Jeff Chan

ONE Championship MMA Athlete