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Free Shipping (Bundle of 9)

The Convi Shoebox is easy-access shoebox that provides you with ultimate convenience, precision, and effortlessness while keeping your space optimized and diligently good-looking.

It boasts an innovative 120° opening feature that gives you access to your shoes from the front of the box, no more bending over!

This product can also be used for general storage of any kind. Allow your creativity to create a neat and tidy storage space!



Other Creative Uses

303mm (W) x 398mm (L) x 190mm (H).

Transparent | Smokey

100% recyclable Polypropylene.

30-days defect warranty for all parts. 

Do It Yourself (DIY)

The Convi Shoebox comes in a beautiful box with clear instruction so you can first setup the shoebox, then your space.