Ginger Wine



from ReissJaden 

A premium quality alcoholic beverage. It carries a great aromatic taste of ginger. This special taste is achieved through careful extraction and long fermentation of top-grade old ginger. It contains no flavouring agent, colouring agent and preservatives. Enjoy this  wine chilled or with ice for the highest satisfaction level.

Colour: Amber Gold.

Storage: Avoid direct sunlight, should be kept in dry and airy area with temperature around 5 – 25°C or in the refrigerator.

Characteristic: Crystal gold appearance, strong ginger bouquet. Best served with seafood as table wine.

Ingredients: Premium Bentong ginger.

Alcohol Content: 14.5% in 750ml.


ReissJaden Apple Ginger Wine

750 ml white wine.

2 cups apple juice.

2 cups ReissJaden Ginger Wine.
1 cup fresh cherries fresh rosemary.

It is a fantastic alcoholic drink served as an evening cocktail, just perfect if you need a quick drink.

ReissJaden Ginger Wine Chicken

1/4 tsp salt and pepper.
1/2 tsp sugar.
1 cup Reissjaden Ginger Wine.
10g wood fungus.
5 slices old ginger.
1/2 cup hot water.
Light soy sauce to taste.

Not a drinker? We’ve got you covered!

Use it to cook our Malaysian favourite – ginger chicken with a hint of alcohol to elevate taste.