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Try our newly launched Dolce Gusto® compatible pods, from The Godfather to Figgin Amazing to Choco Loco!

Like the mafia, The Godfather offers an explosion in your mouth with an aromatic dark Italian roast and hints of burnt caramel and sweet dates for a sinfully luxurious mouthful and a satisfyingly bittersweet finish. Insensity level: 11/12

Figgin’ Amazing is chocolatey and made interesting and more delicious with mouthwatering shades of fig; mellow honey-like sweetness, fresh hints of berry, a succulent mouthfeel, low in acidity — and nothing short of figging amazing. Intensity level: 11/12

Choco Loco is an induldent indulgent coffee layered up with base notes of bitter dark chocolate followed by hints of luscious caramel, maple syrup, and finally, wheaty biscuits. It’s also low in acidity with a pleasant velvety mouthfeel, like a big warm hug from the inside out. Intensity level: 12/12

Compatible with Dolce Gusto® machines.

This taster pack comprises a set of 3 x 10 pods.

Product Information

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Producer: Various

Altitude: Various

Varietal: Various

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