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Want to get a head start with magnetic lash?

Now you can with our Magnetic Lash Kit Starter Pack. Get our two most popular magnetic lash kit (Esme and Cora) for a special price in this bundle pack.

Like two close sisters, Esme and Cora work well together.

Esme is our dramatic magnetic lash. Good for those special occasions where you need to look extra gorgeous.

Cora is our subtle magnetic lash. Good for everyday wear, it enhances your real lash to make you look extra pretty during the day.

Together they are perfect. They got you covered for all your eyelash makeup needs. Never worry about your eyelash makeup again.

Plus this starter pack also includes our signature Pretty Pink Lash Curler. This lash curler is designed with an arch that’s higher than usual, giving you more intense curl with your lash every time.

And all these are neatly packed in our Pretty Holographic Makeup Bag. Gorgeous and perfectly sized to hold all your everyday beauty tools.



– 1 pair of Esme Magnetic lashes (U.P S$39.00)

– 1 pair of Cora Magnetic lashes (U.P S$39.00)

– 1 Pretty Pink Lash Curler (U.P S$16.90)

– 1 Pretty Holographic Makeup Bag (U.P S$18.90)



– Shake eyeliner bottle.

– Apply eyeliner to your eyes.

– Wait 60 seconds to dry.

– Snap magnetic eyelash to your eyes.



Our magnetic lashes are custom cut to fit most Asian eyes. They snap-on instead of stick, so they put on easy and quick. For first-time use, put them on in only 2 minutes or less. Subsequent use, much quicker!

Powered by 10 micro magnets, our lashes hold strong all day. They are wind, water and smudge proof. No more icky glue to deal with, no more struggle, no more mess.

They are kinder to your eyes and highly reusable too. Depending on your care, for up to x30 use. Now, beautiful false lashes are so easy and quick!


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