Online shopping site Rakuten works with LINE, launches sticker pack to attract users

Japan’s top online shopping mall Rakuten, officially announced its launch in Singapore back in January.

With the launch of its Singapore site, Singapore shoppers now can enjoy shopping access to more than 120 Japanese and local merchants, featuring over 40,000 products across more than ten categories including fashion, food, health and beauty products, electronics, kids’ and babies’ products, toys and games, livingware, furniture and decoration, books, pet products, and vehicle accessories.

rakuten singapore

Some of its merchants include seafood purveyor Kuriya Fish Market, Yokohama-based confectioner VANILLABEANS, top online Japanese drugstore, as well as GALSTAR, a fashion store with an extensive collection catering to a female crowd.

To further attract tech savvy customers in Singapore, it has recently partnered with mobile messaging app LINE and released its own version of stickers on the popular app.

If you are a Singapore LINE user, you would probably have received a notification to “add” Rakuten Singapore official account in exchange for an exclusive sticker pack.

rakuten line


Once you have “added” Rakuten as your friend on LINE, you will be able to enjoy the sticker pack.

rakuten singapore

Of course, what it means is that Rakuten Singapore’s LINE official account is now able to send you messages on their latest promotions as well as new shopping deals.

LINE is widely popular with its sticker pack, and has been using it to help brands such as to LINE’s Chinese New Year sticker packs.

To date, there are over 300 million registered users on LINE. There are no official numbers on how many Singapore users are on the platform.

So if you are a fan of LINE stickers, you can add Rakuten’s official LINE account and enjoy the new sticker packs. And one more thing, there’s a free S$10 discount code for you from Rakuten too.

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