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You Can Book A ComfortDelGro Cab On Uber From Jan 19 – And It’s Cheaper And Faster Than UberX

UberFLASH Singapore

Uber, in partnership with ComfortDelGro, has just announced that starting from tomorrow (19th January 2018), it will be launching a new feature UberFLASH, which matches riders with the nearest ComfortDelGro taxi or an UberX driver.

This reduces the waiting time and helps riders get to their destination much faster.

“With UberFLASH, our commuters can get a vehicle nearest to him or her, be it a car or taxi from a large pool of tens of thousands of vehicles in one app,” said Mr Ang Wei Neng, CEO of ComfortDelGro Taxi.

“At the same time, drivers can have access to more jobs through more effective allocation. It’s a win-win situation.”

Image Credit: Uber

“Following the announcement of the strategic collaboration between our two companies just a month ago, I am delighted that we are moving quickly together in bringing to life our shared vision for the future of mobility,” shared Mr Brooks Entwistle, Uber’s Chief Business Officer for Asia Pacific.

The strategic collaboration of course, refers to ComfortDelGro’s 51% stake acquisition in the Uber-owned rental car business, Lion City Holdings, which is valued at $642 million.

With UberFLASH, riders will be able to see the trip fares upfront before requesting a ride.

Uber also claims that the fares of UberFLASH rides will be 5 to 10% lower than an uberX.

The fares on UberFLASH are also subjected to dynamic pricing, which means that it will fluctuate according to user demand.

Catching Up With GRAB

UberFLASH is also the first in a series of collaborative efforts between ComfortDelGro and Uber, according to ComfortDelGro’s Chief Executive Mr Ang Wei Neng.

While UberFLASH might be good news to most loyal Uber riders, its arch-rival GRAB has long introduced a similar feature.

UberFLASH draws similarity with GRAB’s JustGrab feature, which connects GRAB riders with the nearest taxis and GrabCar – JustGrab is also cheaper than a GrabCar ride.

While Uber is in bed with ComfortDelGro, GRAB’s JustGrab feature has all five of Grab’s taxi partners – SMRT, Transcab, Premier, Prime, and HDT – as part of their service.

To celebrate the launch of UberFLASH, it is offering promo codes for riders to try out the new service.

If you are new to Uber, you can use the code “RIDEFLASH” to get $5 off 3 UberFLASH trips between 19 January and 10th February.

If you are an existing Uber user, you can use the code “FLASHRIDER” to get $3 off 10 UberFLASH trips between 19th January and 10th February.

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