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The AI job market in S’pore is booming – here are 10 companies that are currently hiring

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Artificial intelligence (AI) is the new hot topic in tech this year — taking over from cryptocurrencies in 2022 — and Singapore is home to a number of startups looking to make waves in the industry.

From generative tools which can write copy and create images to platforms that excel in data analysis, AI has proven its use in a variety of different fields. Today, it’s transforming job scopes and enabling entrepreneurs to bring ideas to life at a fraction of the traditional cost.

Tech giants such as Google, Microsoft, and Meta are all invested in the growth of AI, signalling the long-stay potential of this technology beyond the current hype.

Here’s a look at the companies that are hiring and expanding the AI ecosystem in Singapore:

1. Hypotenuse AI

Since 2020, Hypotenuse has been delivering solutions to automate copywriting using AI. The platform can write e-commerce descriptions in a human-like manner, simply by analysing product images. The copy is optimised for search engines and can also be tailored to the brand’s tone of voice.

Apart from descriptions, Hypotenuse is also capable of putting together blog posts, social media captions, and digital ads. Its services are available on a subscription basis and are used by a number of companies in industries including travel, fashion, and beauty.

Image Credits: Hypotenuse AI

Founded by Singaporean entrepreneur Joshua Wong, Hypotenuse has just over a dozen employees — as per LinkedIn — and is backed by American tech startup accelerator, Y Combinator. The company has a physical office in Singapore, with hiring open for both full-time roles and internships.

At the time of writing, Hypotenuse is accepting applications for software engineers, marketers, and graphic designers, among other positions.

2. Alethea AI

Bringing blockchain technology and generative AI together, Alethea AI is known for the creation of intelligent NFTs (iNFTs). These are represented in the form of fully interactive characters which are generated through textual prompts. 

Alethea AI’s CharacterGPT allows users to create animated 3D avatars with unique personalities, voices, and physical traits. These characters can serve as virtual assistants, digital twins, or licensed collectibles. They can be minted in the form of iNFTs, through which creators can prove ownership of their AI creations. 

Image Credits: Alethea AI

iNFTs are dynamic in nature and owners can upgrade their character’s intelligence and personality over time by training them in specialised fields. 

Alethea AI is expanding across many verticals and is openly accepting applications developers, researchers, engineers, and other individuals knowledgeable in AI and blockchain. 

3. Nansen

AI might be taking the spotlight from crypto, but it’s bringing utilities to the space as well. As a blockchain analytics platform, Nansen makes use of AI algorithms to sift through petabytes of data on a daily basis and generate actionable trading insights.

The platform tracks a quarter of a billion wallets across ten different blockchains, all to get a better understanding of where smart money is moving. It caters to retail investors, VCs, as well as crypto exchanges and DeFi protocols.

Image Credits: Nansen

Founded in 2020, the company is headquartered in Singapore and employs over 150 people. Nansen has continued growing throughout the crypto winter with a six percent increase in headcount over the past six months, as per LinkedIn.

Currently, Nansen is hiring in departments including marketing, engineering, growth, and product development. All of its roles offer remote working options and many are free to apply for from anywhere in the world.


The days of poorly scripted responses from customer support agents might be coming to an end. Yuma describes itself as ‘ChatGPT for customer support’, offering an AI tool which can analyse enquiries in real time and draft appropriate responses.

The responses will adhere to a brand’s tone of voice and could save companies a fortune in man hours. Agents will be able to focus on complex enquiries and delegate tasks such as drafting and rephrasing responses to Yuma.

Screenshot of Yuma AI

Trained in 15 languages, Yuma also allows businesses to better cater to a global clientele. It builds a knowledge base by studying a brand’s existing resources and can then deliver the appropriate information in the requested language.

Similar to Hypotenuse, Yuma is also backed by Y Combinator. Although it doesn’t have posted job listings, the company is accepting applications from those interested to join the team.


In January 2022, Wiz AI raised US$20 million in a Series A funding round for its conversational AI talkbot. Wiz Talkbots take AI customer support a step further with capabilities to understand and hold speech-based conversations. 

Screenshot of

With an AI clientele in mind, the tool understands regional languages and accents including Singlish, Bahasa, and Tagalog, as well as English.

According to Wiz’s website, their talkbots are “practically indistinguishable” from human callers – with 95 per cent of users unable to tell whether or not they’re talking to a human – and can come up with responses in as little time as half a second.

As it stands, Wiz has partnerships with leading tech companies including Meta, Singtel, and Huawei. The company is headquartered in Singapore and has a number of open positions in fields including AI engineering, HR, finance, and customer relations.


Established to improve workplace safety in the industrial sector, raised US$1.8 million last month to grow its AI and software engineering teams. The company has developed proprietary sensors which use AI technology to identify risks and help with machine maintenance.

Screenshot of

Groundup’s solutions help companies schedule timely maintenance and avoid unplanned downtime. The startup supports the heavy machinery, construction, and manufacturing industries, among others.

Currently, Groundup is hiring for a number of roles including a full-time remote position titled ‘ChatGPT Keyboard Warrior’. This entails the use of ChatGPT to design and execute research projects as per stakeholder needs. 

7. Polymerize

Polymerize works to replace trial-and-error methods of experimentation with AI-based insights. It offers solutions for researchers and R&D operations, decreasing time spent on experiments by up to 300 per cent.

By making forecasts more accurate, Polymerize can help save time and money, and speed up the innovation process.

Screenshot of Polymerize

In May 2022, the startup raised US$4.2 million to expand its services from Singapore to India, Japan, and the US. Catering to industries including automotives and specialty chemicals, Polymerize is expanding its team to further transform the R&D process.

Currently, the startup is hiring for positions in engineering, web development, and product development. Most of these roles require over two years of prior experience and offer the opportunity to work remotely from either Singapore or India.

8. SixSense

Founded in 2018, SixSense makes use of AI technology to detect flaws and defects in manufacturing. The platform is capable of sifting through millions of images at rapid speeds, replacing the need for manual quality checks. 

Screenshot of SixSense

At present, the company is targeting the semiconductor manufacturing vertical, however, the technology could prove equally useful in other tech sectors as well. 

Beyond identifying defects, SixSense’s software can also help pinpoint the root causes behind them including equipment or process flaws. It monitors equipment in real time and can predict impending failures based on anomalies that arise.

SixSense is hiring for full time roles in data science and web development.

9. FathomX

An AI startup from the National University of Singapore (NUS) and the National University Health System (NUH), FathomX offers a screening solution for mammograms, which are used to detect early signs of breast cancer. Using AI, the process is sped up and the rates of false positive and negatives are reduced.

Screenshot of FathomX

In September 2022, FathomX raised over S$2 million to speed up product development and regulatory approvals. Since then, the company’s proprietary tool FxMammo has been approved by the Singapore Health Sciences Authority and is currently being piloted at NUH.

FathomX has a number of job openings including software engineering and research positions.

10. Advance AI

Established in 2016, Advance AI uses AI technology to help with fraud prevention in industries such as banking, fintech, and e-commerce. The company works with over a 1,000 enterprise clients across Asia and Mexico.

Screenshot of Advance AI

Advance AI raised US$200 million in 2021 and achieved unicorn status — a term for companies valued at over US$1 billion — in the process.

Its solutions help ease the onboarding process for payments companies and reduce the chances of fraud. Businesses can make use of a one-stop platform which takes care of KYC and AML obligations without compromising the user experience.

Headquartered in Singapore, Advance AI is hiring for positions including software development, HR, and finance.

Featured Image Credit: Hypotenuse AI / Advance AI / Nansen / Alethea AI

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