All the apps you need to have to keep up with the World Cup this year.

Cherine Chng  |  Singapore
Published 2014-06-11 11:30:08

Rejoice football fans, for it is finally World Cup season again! For those of you who have been living under a rock, this year’s World Cup will be held in Brazil, whose national team is the most successful in the history of tournament. Talk about home advantage, no?

For those of us who are unable to fly out to Brazil for the special occasion (99.9% of us, that is), do not despair, for the advancement of technology has given us apps to follow every single kick in the tournament.

1) FIFA Official App

(Image Credit - iTunes Store)
Image Credit: iTunes Store

What better way to follow the competition than on FIFA’s official app? Beautifully designed, this app is packed with all the latest news and features a football fan needs.

To start off, you can subscribe to your favorite team, and all of their related news will be push-notified as and when they are published. When the competition kicks off, the Powerade Match Alerts will notify you on line-ups, goals, red cards, and important half and full-time scores.

There is also a thorough analysis of all 32 teams; including their qualifying performance, key players, and even their past history in the tournament. Or if you are interested to know more about the host country, the app also includes a comprehensive coverage on all host cities in Brazil and their stadiums.

Download Links: iOS | Android

2) FIFA 14 by EA Sports

(Image Credit - toucharcade.com)
Image Credit: toucharcade.com

Tired of waiting for the tournament to start? Get in on the action early by putting yourself in the mix. Lead your favorite national team to glory, or use your god-like powers to control players like Messi and Ronaldo. The tournament outcome is yours to command.

Officially licensed with the 2014 World Cup national teams, kits, and even the Adidas Brazuca match ball, feel every strike and tackle with the touch-screen controls. The graphics are very good for a mobile game, and the controls are quite responsive and not chunky like other football gaming apps can be.

However, for those who want to play the game, it might be time to do a little spring cleaning on your phone first, as this game takes up at least a whopping 1.35GB on your device (wasn’t kidding about the graphics quality). But for the diehard fans who needs simulated football action with them on the go, it will be worth it.

Download Links: iOS | Android

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3) BBC Sport

(Image Credit - Google Play)
Image Credit – Google Play

For those looking for in-depth match reports or expert analysis, they should look no further than BBC’s World Cup coverage. For the tournament, BBC Sport has created a dedicated section for the World Cup, and it is packed with some cool features to boot.

Offering live text coverage and commentary, BBC Sport then follows it with comprehensive post-match recaps and pundit opinion article of all the matches. But one feature users can take note of is their video segment – World Cup Breakfast. It is a daily video show that recaps the highlights of previous day’s matches, and for those on the go, it is available as a download for offline viewing.

Download Links: iOS | Android

4) LiveScore Championship

(Image Credit - iTunes Store)
Image Credit: iTunes Store

For those who prefer a no-frills live-score app, LiveScore Championship may just be the one for you. The creators of this app have been bringing the latest scores to their visitors since 1998. Hence, they would know what best to include in an app like this.

With the latest scores and match information updated every minute, this app is useful for those who lead busy lives but who still want the latest match scores on the teams they are following. They are also time and date localized, meaning fans no longer have to tediously calculate mentally the kick-off time in Singapore.

Although it doesn’t offer much else, it is a lightweight app that loads very quickly and doesn’t eat up much of your data usage at all.

Download Links: iOS | Android

5) FootballAlbum

(Image Credit - iTunes Store)
Image Credit: iTunes Store

There’s Whatsapp, and then there’s LINE. But for football fans, there’s FootballAlbum. This is the app for you and your football-mad friends.

Ever dreamt of being a football album sticker like your favorite players? Now you can create your own, and stick it inside your album. Collect the stickers of your friends, then get to chatting!

To top it off, the app offers latest news, and even live tournament stats from Opta Sports, allowing you stay on top of the tournament at all times, even while you’re socializing with your fellow sticker mates.

Download Links: iOS | Android

All of the apps above are available on both iOS and Android platforms (no phone discrimination here), and did I mention that they are all free? So dig out your phones, and get to downloading!

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