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Key statistics (as of 4/10/2021):


Total number of Covid-19 cases


Total number of Covid-19 deaths

4.5 million

Singapore residents are fully vaccinated, which equates to 82 per cent of the population


Singapore residents have taken at least one dose of the Covid-19 vaccine



How inflation makes increasing property prices in S’pore a bigger problem than it already is

Disposable incomes in S’pore surge by nearly 10% thanks to growing salaries and GST vouchers

S’poreans richer by S$103 billion in 2022 as property ownership protects wealth vs inflation

INSEAD: S’pore has the best education, government and most productive labour in the world

Record year for S’pore: S$448B in new money, Venture Capital grows sixfold since 2017

No need to study abroad as NTU ranks 1st in the world in five subjects, debuts at no. 2 in AI

Winners & losers in the S’pore job market: changes in demand by profession as of Sep. 2022

Global payments company Wise to double headcount in S’pore to over 400 employees by end-2022

Global Pension Index 2022: CPF should raise withdrawal age, cover non-residents to improve

MAS will save Singapore from recession, which all other central banks are pushing us into

Infrastructure, talent, innovation: Dr. Janil on building blocks of S’pore’s digital economy

S’pore’s new One Pass sparks foreign talent debate – should “skills transfer” be a requirement?

S’pore’s work pass changes show foreign talent importance, more than natural population growth

Self-sufficiency is the way forward: S’pore needs to focus on sustainability and talent to grow

377A repeal embraces LGBT+ workplace equality, while respecting traditional family values

NTUC wants to hear from the working people of S’pore, urges the public to share their concerns

Disney+ eclipses Netflix in streaming customers, announces price hikes for subscribers

A look at S’pore’s COE policy and how it affects ride-hailing sector, firms with vehicle fleets

Inflation is 56% higher for the richest Singaporeans, and that’s great news for the budget

GIC assets grew by a record S$280 billion, but not a dime can be spent in Singapore

While airports in US and EU are suffering, the pandemic has made Changi Airport even stronger

Vacancies at records, wages grow by 7.8% as hiring in S’pore outpaces other advanced nations

Singaporean households have grown richer by S$444 billion during the pandemic

Razer sues IT firm Capgemini for over US$7m, wants full compensation for data leak

Real death toll of the pandemic in S’pore is up to 3 times higher than official COVID data

As S’pore’s inflation hits a 13-year high, what is the gov’t doing to help ease the burden?

Forward Singapore: DPM Wong lays out future roadmap, stresses need to refresh “social compact”

S’pore was right about Covid after all, as New Zealand and Taiwan fall behind on death rates

Why is S’pore so determined to raise GST? It’s the best way to tax the rich amid inflation

About 1.5M S’poreans to receive up to S$300 cash in August on top of regular GST-V Cash


Singapore has undoubtedly been a bright spot for the global startup landscape in recent years, and is home to a number of unicorns.

In recent years, there has been a rise in the popularity of electric vehicles (EVs) and governments have released policies and grants aimed at boosting its adoption.

Ever since the Covid-19 pandemic hit, e-commerce has boomed in popularity, with consumers buying everyth