This new social media platform aims to create a connection for its users on the basis of education.

Enbah Nilah  |  Singapore
Published 2014-07-01 11:30:57

Deciding the path of education is an ultimate struggle, especially for those who have just graduated from school. Imagine having to choose an undergraduate programme in a particular university that will determine your career in the future when just a year ago, you had to ask for permission from your teacher to use the toilet or even drink water. But fret no more, easyuni.com understands the needs of students and has recently launched UNIFRENS, a social platform that makes deciding an easier task.

The most fortunate of us have all gone through the process of information-hunting for the selection of the best universities. It’s not just the reputation of the university that matters but also the conveniences and criteria that fit our individual needs. Students often rely on consultants in educational fairs and/or university representatives to elect the right course and university. However, these sources can offer only a partial perspective that parades merely the prominent qualities of the university.

Image Credit: afterschool.my
Image Credit: afterschool.my

That said, a social platform that could provide unbiased and ample amount of information is essential. UNIFRENS is able to deliver that to students. It creates opportunities for students to associate with others who have common interests in universities. This community-driven effort will also make available a medium that allows students to share their experiences without barriers. Therefore, prospective students will be exposed to the good, the bad and the ugly of the course, university, city and country in consideration.

During a period when social networking converges on forming insubstantial friendships, sharing pictures and funny videos as well as dating, this avenue of research has proven itself to be more beneficial. Not only do students get to exchange their thoughts and discuss important, educational matters, but they also connect with people who have similar passions. Therefore, it is a brilliantly designed medium that is not merely scholastic but also entertaining.

Image Credit: easyuni.com
Image Credit: easyuni.com

Upon signing up, UNIFRENS asks what would be of interest to a particular student and categorises them to multiple groups that befit the aforementioned interests. The students are also sorted according to place of origin, course, and country in which they are pursuing their higher education. So, prospective students can ask questions in certain groups to receive the required details from those who are currently pursuing higher education and even from those who have already graduated. Who else could be more qualified to enlighten potential students than the ones who are already experiencing life in university?

The site has received colossal attention as over 100, 000 users have already signed up and have been sorted into groups even though the feature is still in BETA stage. “ UNIFRENS is something which we had been planning for a while as a feature that would complement our family of tools already available for our students. We always knew that our users would love it as they want more community-driven information instead of promotional content from universities and study-abroad consultants. This feature will democratize the way information about specific course, country or institution is presented and this can only mean good things for our students and parents visitors – as it helps them make a more informed decision about which course, institution or country they should go to,” explains Edwin Tay, CEO and Founder of easyuni.com.

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Presently, the features available only permit rudimentary communication, that is the students can post or comment on someone else’s post. But within the next few months, UNIFRENS is estimated to come out of the BETA stage and revolutionize social networking with its cutting-edge features that allows students to intermingle in numerous ways. This leaves us to ponder; will UNIFRENS be the new Facebook?

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