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Products and brands are important ambassadors to hoist a nation’s pride and to introduce local culture on international stage. Simple examples could be found in our lives where IKEA represents Swedish simplicity, Sony Japan with its advanced technology or Apple associated with USA indigenous design.

What about Indonesia? We too have products that bring our name to global stage. Let’s find out some Indonesian brand names that have gone international.

Paseo Tissue


Soft but strong, Paseo has made its way to international market. (Image is courtesy of OnlyWilliam)

Well-known for its soft-yet-strong tissue papers, Paseo has entrenched its footings locally and internationally. Proudly produced by Asian Paper and Pulp of Sinar Mas Group, the brand markets a range of household paper products including toilet papers, napkins, paper towel, and facial tissues. Not long after they established their name locally, the management decides to bring the brand overseas. Now, the brand is available for sale in more than 65 countries from USA and all the way to the down under in New Zealand. The success secret lies in its quality tissue. Made from natural fibre, the tissue is soft on your palm, strong for wiping and white in colour.


Aqua can now be found as well in Singapore and Malaysia. (Image is courtesy of Studentpreneur)

Established in 1973 by Tirto Utomo under Aqua Golden Mississippi, it was firstly introduced to the market to address national issue of hygienic water scarcity in Freeport – Papua. Along the years, the brand has grown into a national household brand. This rapid development catches the attention of Danone – a French F&B multinational company, which in turn acquired the company back in 1998. Now, a product of Indonesian water springs processed in 14 factories across Indonesia is quenching thirsts in Singapore, Malaysia and other countries.

GT Radial

GT Radial has even reached markets in US and Africa. (Image is courtesy of TyreRight)

Starting off in 1951 producing bicycle tires, P.T. Gajah Tunggal, the largest integrated tire manufacturer in South East Asia, now inspires many in the industry. The brand becomes a benchmark for a complete range of quality tire and rubber-related products for passenger cars, trucks and buses. After becoming successful in its home country, it expands internationally to Australia, Latin America, USA, Europe and even in Angola and Nigeria of Africa.


Essenza has beautified houses around the world. (Image is courtesy of Keramik Essenza)

Already a market leader in its home country, the brand is now a globally trusted tile supplier. PT Intikeramik Alamsri starts producing its famous porcelain tiles from 1991. Its value in production has always been to continuously grow and to improve; the management builds facilities in Jakarta and hires world-class experts. As a result from its relentless effort, the product’s quality is at par to tiles produced in Italy. It is also recorded as one of few tiles manufacturers capable of producing a 60×60 cm tile.



AlfaLink is one of the pioneers of electronic dictionary in Indonesia. (Image is courtesy of Festival Indonesia)

The AlfaLink brand, owned by PT Freshindo Marketama Corporation, boasts a range of electronic dictionaries, calculators, Al-Quran, Bibles and other office needs. Alfalink is one of the leading manufacturers of PED (Pocket Electronic Dictionaries) in the world, alongside Canon, Casio, Seiko and Sharp.

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