Sarah Enxhi  |  MY
Published 2014-07-08 14:30:33

For most ladies, the daily ritual of applying make-up can be sometimes quite repetitive, predictable, and boring. And even after watching countless of make-up videos, besides the differences in eye shadow colours, they all seem to have the same basic steps. This video, however, is one make-up video that will alter the way you see make-up.

Filmed by Anna Akana, a recurring actress in The Fosters and a co-star in MTV’s Awkward, she wittily titles her video ‘How to put on your face’. Akana demonstrates in the video how she puts on her make-up and how much power her make-up has on her.

Be prepared for your make-up world to completely take a turn for the better.

“The message of this video is pretty clear, take care of this (shows face) but also take care of what’s behind it as well.”

— Anna Akana

Time to feel empowered and positive!

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