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Published 2014-07-14 13:30:54

Good news frequent travellers!

According to a statement released on the 11th of July, the Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore (CAAS) has relaxed its restrictions on the use of electronics on flights. You can now use transmitting devices such as mobile phones and tablets on more segments of the flight including during take-off and landing, as long as they’re switched to flight mode during these periods. The gadgets can only be put on non-flight mode after the aircraft has begun cruising over 10,000 feet.

inflight internet

The statement also states that passengers can now play handheld games, browse their camera library and listen to music on their MP3 players, throughout the flight. Previously, these gadgets were only allowed to be switched on after the aircraft has begun cruising over 10,000 feet.

However, voice calls on mobile phone are still strictly prohibited as they require strong signals to be sent out for receipt at great distances, and may interfere with aircraft systems.

The rules currently apply to all local approved carriers, such as the Singapore Airlines (SIA), who have announced they welcome the move by CAAS.

“More and more of our customers are now travelling with PEDs and we are pleased to have implemented this for the benefit of our customers. Safety of course remains our top priority, and cabin crew will ensure that travellers are advised on the safe use of PEDs (Personal Electronic Devices) in accordance with the appropriate guidelines,” said SIA’s senior vice president of Product & Services, Tan Pee Teck.

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