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Back in May, we wrote about Grain, a healthy food delivery startup in Singapore which allows you to have a healthy, gastronomic breakfast and lunch delivered right to your doorstep at an affordable price.

In a time-poor, mad rush society, Grain has perhaps introduced an appealing concept to the food delivery industry simply by knowing that there’s an increasing appetite for healthier, fuss free and unique fares.

However, it is not just Grain that is riding on this wave.

BoxGreen is another new Singapore startup which delivers healthy snacks to your doorstep.

“We’re on a mission to help you discover and try delicious and healthy snacks, all at your convenience.” – BoxGreen

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Started by Andrew who was an mustachioed organic farmer in South America along with Walter, BoxGreen delivers 4 to 6 wholesome and natural snacks to your office desk or doorstep every month. While you are unable to choose what items come in the first box, the team is currently working on a customization feature. Alternatively, if you like a particular snack you received, you can also purchase them directly from BoxGreen at a member price.

You may ask, where does the team source their snacks? While the ingredients are not quite locally grown and the Singapore agrarian industry isn’t exactly booming, the team tries its best to make sure that the snacks are roasted, baked, cooked, and packed within an hour’s drive from where you are. Other snacks are sourced from the US or Europe.


At only S$18 per month, BoxGreen sounds like a steal to me

If that is not convincing enough, how about this? 1% of every box sale goes to Food from the Heart. BoxGreen is committed to helping Food from the Heart, which organizes food distribution programmes to reach out to the less-fortunate. On top of that, BoxGreen will also try to feature a one of a kind snack from a local artisan in a bid to support local handmade products.

What are the sizes of the snacks you ask? Each snack pack varies, but is around an average weight of 80g, or enough for 4 servings.

Or 20 if you are a rabbit.

New trend towards healthy food in a box?

Both Grain and BoxGreen are pioneering a new concept in Singapore’s food delivery space. Yes while the food delivery space in Singapore now is synonymous to foodpanda, a fast growing food delivery site which allows you to easily order restaurant food and get them delivered to you, it lacks in healthier choices. Some customers would also delight the surprise element provided by startups such as Grain and BoxGreen, which promises that they will select the best food that you would actually love.

In Singapore however, we have not heard any companies who have succeeded in the monthly box subscription model.

Would Grain or GreenBox be the next big household name? It is definitely too early to tell now.

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