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Waking up is hard to do, so says American pop/rock singer Neil Sedaka.

Who here laze around in bed when the clock goes off? Anybody? Hands… no? Curiously enough, some of us can even sleep through the entire process! It’s never easy waking up to the annoying ‘bleep bleep’ sound; the whole thing sounds almost offensive.

Maybe it’s time to dump our old alarm checks in the rubbish bin and replace them with these genius gadgets instead.

Clapperboard Digital Alarm Clock (Directors Edition)

Image Credit: aliexpress

Film buffs, listen up. This ambitious gadget is going to be a nice addition to your room. Put this digital clock on your nightstand and when the alarm goes off, simply slap down the clapperboard to silence it.

This is easily a must-have for budding directors! Hmm, I wonder if Peter Jackson has this on his bedside table?

Where to get it: Amazon

lark Silent Alarm Clock

Image Credit: Huffington Post

“Wake your potential, not your partner with the original silent, vibrating alarm clock. Great for partners, roommates, and the hard of hearing” –lark

Sleep disturbance is one of the dreadful things every light sleeper loathes. Imagine getting woken up by your partner’s alarm and having difficulty going back to sleep. If you’re experiencing this, perhaps, it’s high time for you to switch to this silent gadget.

Where to get it: lark

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The Barisieur

Image Credit: Josh Renouf Design

Coffeephiles will undoubtedly see this as the epitome of perfection. This aromatic gadget is designed with storage for sugar, milk and extra grounds and stainless steel ball bearings that boil the water through induction heating.

Like every alarm clock, you have to set it up the night before. Thanks to British industrial designer Josh Renouf, we can now wake up to the smell of freshly brewed coffee.

Where to get it: Josh Renouf Design


You might want to flex your muscles before switching off this alarm clock because this quirky gadget… runs on wheels!

As shown on Amazon, it rolls off the bedside table and scoots away. Don’t worry about it being ruined from the fall (unless you have a freakishly tall nightstand) as it is able to withstand a 3-foot maximum drop height.

Where to get it: Amazon

Drill Sergeant Alarm Clock 

Image Credit: womansday

You’re going to think you’re in the army with this intimidating gadget. And if you think this alarm clock plays military heritage music, you couldn’t be more wrong. See that drill sergeant miniature? He’s going to shout orders at you to make sure you wake up in a timely manner.

Just looking at it brings to mind Jack Neo’s hit film Ah Boys to Men. If you’re a heavy sleeper and have a desperate need to stay disciplined, the Drill Sergeant Alarm Clock might be worth a shot.

Where to get it: Design a Culture

Know any unique alarm clocks? Be sure to share the good stuffs with us!

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Vulcan Post aims to be the knowledge hub of Singapore and Malaysia.

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