JPark Island Resort & Waterpark, a five-star hotel located in Lapu-Lapu City, has recently released a mobile app meant to not only encourage potential guests but also tourists and visitors to Cebu.

The new app is called Cebu Travel Guide and has been called the “Swiss army knife of travel guides” by SunStar. The moniker is an allusion to the myriad of functions that are not included in a typical hotel app.

The SunStar report stated the app is meant to be a travel tool for tourists visiting Cebu. The app’s features have been categorized into six sections, namely Dine, Sleep, Enjoy, Know, Explore, and Relax.

Image Credit: RLCOMM International
Image Credit: RLCOMM International

Enjoy informs users where to have fun: from swimming pools to beaches to clubs to karaoke joints to comedy bars. Relax will direct visitors to the nearest cafes, spas and other relaxing venues. Dine shows users a preview of restaurants in and around JPark, while Sleep will tell them JPark’s rates as well as rates from other hotels in the city. Explore is aptly named as it assists tourists with historical sites, parks, museums and other points of interest. And last but certainly not least is Know. It will give users useful information about Cebu such as how to get around the province and emergency contact numbers.

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In addition, it also has a feature where users can check previews and ratings of various establishments. This could make it easier for them decide where to stay, dine and have fun.

Other than these functions, the app also offers features found in a typical hotel app. It highlights amenities and services of Jpark and allows users to book and reserve rooms and other venues. Meanwhile, guests can inquire about services (like room service, transportation and dry cleaning) or amenities (like makeup room).

Image Credit: JPark Island Resort & Waterpark, Cebu Facebook Page
Image Credit: JPark Island Resort & Waterpark, Cebu Facebook Page

According to Myra Mohammad, director of sales and marketing of JPark, the app is not only meant to encourage tourists to stay at the resort but is also a great way to promote Cebu as a tourist destination. Cebu has seen its tourist arrival rate grow in double digits recently. In fact, tourism is one of the major economic growth drivers in the province, according to PhilStar.

The free app, which has received only 5-star reviews, so far, is currently only available in Google Play. But iOS, WP and BB10 owners need not be green with envy. According to Ruben Licera, CEO of RLComm International which developed the app, it is currently in beta stage for these platforms, and could land in non-Android devices in the weeks to come.

Licera added that more features are planned to be added to the app in future. But he did not give any hints as to what these features could be. Any guesses?

Other Cebu travel guide apps include Triposo travel guide or Cebu Island Travel Guide for iOS, Amazing Cebu City app for Windows Phone 8, and Cebu Guide and Cebu City App for Android.

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