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We all know about the usual domains: .com, .org, and .net. But Google has just announced that they have released a brand new domain on the Google Registry for the curious and inquisitive minds of the world — the .HOW domain.

In a blogpost by Jade Wang, manager for Google’s Business community, she explained that most people who go on the Internet Google ‘How’ much more than the other Ws: What, Who, Where, and Why. Thus, it makes sense to launch .HOW as a domain dedicated to questions and knowledge sharing on the Internet.


“We believe .HOW can become an intuitive way for creators and consumers to share, identify and discover some of the best learning content on the web,” wrote Wang in the blogpost. “Now you can buy a simple, memorable and meaningful .HOW domain name of your own, sending a clear message that your content is there to teach people something great. “
With this domain, many business or enthusiasts will be able to make their mark by educating the world — one Internet connection at a time. The domain is already in use, and is all set to impart skills to the budding singer (acappella.how), skydiver (skydiving.how), and sword-fighter (swordclass.how) — or pretty much any life hack you can think of (wiki.how).
And they’re right, it’s so intuitive that I’m surprised no one has thought about it sooner. Personally, I’m still waiting for a nutella.how to exist — a place dedicated to teaching everyone how to make amazing things from Nutella.
Google has always been the platform through which people with questions can get answers from the Internet. In fact, it is precisely because of the prevalence of this action that the word ‘google’ was entered into the English dictionary as a verb — meaning to “to search the Internet for information”. A popular acronym — GIYF (Google Is Your Friend) — is also used to ask someone to direct their questions to Google, instead of asking other people. 
With the .HOW domain in place, there’s now yet another notch on Google’s belt. So website owners, it’s time to get your .HOW domains while they’re still available.

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