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One of the biggest topic discussed in the Internet now is the newly announced iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. The new iPhone 6 Plus specs a bigger screen: a larger 5.5-inch panel and a more pixel-dense 1920 x 1080 resolution.

This makes the iPhone 6 Plus the biggest iPhone ever released. And as my colleague Liang Hwei wrote, this is a great step up from the questionable iPhone 5C release of last year, and shows that Apple is still committed to create beautiful and expensive-looking products.


While the world is eagerly placing their pre-orders for the new device from the Apple official website and various telcos around the globe, we took a chance to ask all our writers (almost all) at Vulcan Post to see if they will be getting the new and bigger iPhone 6 Plus.

And the responses were disappointing to me personally.

For me, while I wont be getting the new and bigger iPhone 6 Plus come September 19th, that’s because personally I only change my device if they are no longer functional. My iPhone 5S still serves me well and if I could no longer use it, I would definitely get the new iPhone 6 Plus. It is slick and thin, and has a bigger screen for me to consume video content as well as do more on my smartphone homescreen.

Here are the responses from our writers when asked if they will be getting the new iPhone 6 Plus:

[NO] Yuki Ling:

“Personally, I don’t see much different between the iPhone 6 Plus and iPhone 5, except the obvious one in term of the size – bigger screen. Probably because I’m not a tech savvy person, so I would say no for the iPhone 6 Plus.”

[NO] Faiz:

“No and never. Apple’s innovation has hit rock bottom and now they are trying to get people into buying their products by increasing the screen size. Dangerously close to implementing perfect idiocracy in Apple. They are going the Blackberry way, quick and fast.”

[YES] Joseph:

“There’s a thin line between the choices. I would likely choose an iPhone 6 over the iPhone 6 Plus, since the Plus is, for my purposes, a tad bit large. That being said, if price wasn’t an object, I might go for the Plus, due to the substantial bump in specs. I have not booked it yet as it isn’t available in India. Most likely, when it is available, I will get the 6, but after a while. I’m in no hurry.”

Image Credit: ABCNews
Image Credit: ABCNews

[NO] Natalie:

“No, because Android. That aside though, Apple is just now only realising what their consumers want: larger screens, lower price. But it seems to me they haven’t done much about it. I expect something mindblowing from Apple every time they have a new release, but they just have the same stuff, only repackaged.”

[NO] Amy:

“No plans to get the iPhone 6 in the near future, mostly because of price. Fortunately for me, there are so many alternatives out there with the same (or better!) specs and lower prices. The Mi3, MotoX, Galaxy Note 4 and HTC One (M8) to name a few.”

[NO] Ajay:

“Nope, I’m not interested in getting an iPhone 6. Even though the design of the phone looks great, I’m not shelling out another RM2000 for a handheld version of an iPad mini that can now make a call. ”

[MAYBE] Cherlyn Tung:

“Currently a loyal user of iPhone since 3GS days, am absolutely satisfied with my 5S, but not planning to switch to iPhone 6, because I pretty much just stick to my 2-year contracts before changing to the newest iPhone at that point of time. My sister has pre-ordered the iPhone 6 though, she’s been waiting patiently for its release since March when her contract ended.”

[NO] Priscilla Tan:

“Like Cherlyn, I stick to my 2-year contract. Besides, the price is way too exorbitant — ridiculous, really.”

[NO] Arpan:

Here is why I shall not buy the iPhone 6 plus: All it shows is Apple’s desperate move to go to larger phones since Samsung is having so much success already in that domain.

Anyway let us compare it to its real contender, Samsung Note 4.

  • Bigger size.
  • Better Resolution.
  • Super AMOLED (More Contrast Blacker Blacks)
  • Stylus (It is incredibly useful for taking notes)
  • Google Wallet has existed for a long time.
  • Fast Charging.
  • Power Saving Mode.
  • 16 MP Camera compared to 8 MP.
  • Built in Heart Rate Sensor.
  • Split Screen Multitasking.
  • Virtual Reality Headset Compatible.

The Samsung Note 4 is better.


[YES] Alison Goh:

“Yes I will eventually! After my contract ends? Samsung might be better but I learn it the silly way that better technologically might not be better after all. Why? Because we know how the fight between Creative’s Zen and Apple’s iPod ended. Apple will last, the branding alone is powerful. I am very confident! Designs are sleek and stylish and with Apple Watch now, and they are probably going to stay for a long time. I look forward to it 🙂 ”

[NO] Sarah Yong:

“Nope I won’t buy it.

  1. Pricing
    It’s way too expensive for a phone, whereby most other flagship phones cost about two thirds of its price. Even the specifications doesn’t justify its asking price. I believe the price is so high because you’re merely paying for the brand name. If the brand isn’t important and you don’t need to buy it just for the sake of saying “I have an Apple iPhone 6 plus” then I don’t think it’s wise to spend that much money on it.
  2. iOS versus Android
    For me personally I prefer an OS that is more customisable and flexible. iOS is more rigid and boring. Android has widgets available for use, plus it’s more exciting and fun to use.
  3. Design
    Overall I still find most Apple designs plain and just very ‘meh’. The latest Samsung smartphone which has a curve screen at the side is more innovative and functional. It’s almost as if Apple doesn’t really put much thought into the design of their phones. It’s just slightly bigger, or thinner, or lighter, that’s it.”

[MAYBE] Valerie:

“It’s a good feature from Apple at this timing. If not now then when? It has reached the point where it’s screen innovation. But technology has a way of catching up with one another. And there are so many aspects that could be the focus. Not looking into switching phones too soon because well, with a few tweaks, a phone remains a phone unless you make good use of it. If you plan on getting one, good for you. If you dont, it doesnt make you less of an Apple loyal. ”

[NO] Mun Yoke:

“I will pass on the iPhone because my current phone is still functioning properly, thus will not proceed with ordering at all. It is up to the user eventually I would say. Some people like coffee, some like tea, or both. You don’t go out condemning coffee if you are a tea lover. My stand is neutral anyway.

[NO] Tom:

“Nope. It’s way overpriced for yesterday’s technology.”

[NO] Liang Hwei:

“Nah, it’s too big. My sister’s planning on buying it though, she says she wants to use it to look at her babies’ photos. But I’m probably going to get the iPhone 6. My iPhone 4S is slowly reaching its expiration date.”

[NO] Vincent:

“I won’t be buying because I am an Android user. And as much as I love the new features of the iPhone 6, virtually everything it can do can be done by the Nexus, which is something that I have, which I have bought at a lower price.”

[NO] Rachel Phua:

“I wouldn’t buy it. iPhones are overpriced and I’m happy with my iPhone 5. As long as it’s working fine and it can help me to do the essentials, why waste so much money on a newer iPhone, simply supporting the hype that capitalism obviously wants us to buy into.”

[NO] Nawira:

“I wouldn’t buy the iPhone 6 mainly because it’s too costly. I prefer simple phones with basic features, though I think the iPhone is cool. I’m an Apple fan but would not spend money on the iPhone because I’m not into gadgets.”

While almost everyone from the team won’t be getting the iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus, people around the world are excited about it: iPhone 6 and 6 Plus first 24 hour sales are twice those of 2012’s iPhone 5.

Apple says demand has been so high that it’s outstripped supply, to the extent that while a “significant” number of folks should receive their phones starting Friday, September 19 when the phone officially goes on sale, many will have to wait until October to see theirs turn up.

So what about you? Would you be getting the new iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus?

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