How would you like to jump into your friend’s eyes? No gross stuff, I promise.

Priscilla Tan  |  Singapore
Published 2014-09-17 16:00:03

Its description reads something like this: Supping someone is asking for them to share their camera for 10 seconds, so you can jump into their eyes.

It sounds tempting, doesn’t it?

Brought to you by Looksee, Inc., Sup is a brand new interactive app that allows you to control your friend’s camera. When you send a ‘Sup’ to someone, and he accepts your request, you will get a live view of whatever he’s doing. At the bottom of the screen, there’s a heart icon that works as a countdown timer.

During that span of time, you can swipe in whatever directions you’d like. You can move the camera up, down, right, left, and even ask for a live selfie. I could go on and describe the features, but I think this video is enough to make you a Supspert (Sup expert, get it? Get it?).

Sup has since received generally favourable reviews. While many users rave about its simple and cool concept, a couple criticised the off-putting registration process. Andrew Easley, a Google Play Store user who gave one star to the app, writes about the problem with choosing a username.

He shares, “With every single username I try, even the very unique ones, it keeps telling me that the username is already taken.”

Sup currently has ten thousand downloads, so this revelation definitely raises an eyebrow. Because of this, I decided to give the app a go.

Image Credit: Sup

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After installing Sup from Google Play Store,  I was prompted to key in my mobile number. Side note: bear in mind when you click the ‘Next’ tab. It takes a couple seconds to receive the 6-digit verification code via SMS. I thought it didn’t go through and went overboard with it — I ended up receiving 5 sets of numbers.

Following that, I was cued to create a username. I didn’t have any issue with it, except that the app crashed. Bug issues? The activation process seems straightforward enough, as I did all this in less than a minute. That said, kudos to the team for keeping it short and sweet. The pastel orange design is very attractive to boot.

Image Credit: Sup

It’s an interesting approach, I’ll give that. I couldn’t have said it better than Joe Fedewa, a writer on PhandroidIt’s like opening a portal. The folks at Looksee, Inc. sure ain’t lying about us jumping into our friends’ eyes.

Although I got to come forward and admit that a part of me wishes for better quality. When I’m using Sup, the camera on my phone seems to run too slow and I’m experiencing some sort of a grainy texture. I get that we can extend the countdown timer, but the initial 10 seconds is still too short for me.

Nonetheless, I’m still pretty stoked about Sup. It’s a new app, so there’s bound to be bug issues. Plus, it’s not everyday where you get an interactive app for free!

You can find out more about Sup here.

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