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Published 2013-11-21 11:01:50

One of the few things that unite man is beer. You can’t possibly argue with us on that.

For beer lovers in Vietnam, here’s a good news for you: You can now order beer online in Vietnam with Suma.vn

Suma.vn is founded by Anders Palm and Uyen Vu, whom are also the folks behind popular Vietnam food delivery site, Eat.vn, which was bought over by VC Corp last year for a reported US$130,000. According to Tech In Asia, Palm and Vu have been working with VC Corp on building up Eat.vn and are now launching Suma.vn.

Here’s how the site looks like:

suma.vn beer

According to Decree 94 of Vietnamese law, it is illegal to sell alcohol online. Palm explained that his legal team have found that it is okay to sell beers online. With Suma.vn, Vietnamese can have beers delivered straight to their household instead of going out on the streets on a motorbike to manually fetch a box of beer for a party.

In Singapore, beer delivery has long been a business model for many small outlets, such as Mabuk Monkey as well as online grocer Redmart. While Redmart allows households to order any groceries, including alcohol, Mabuk Monkey specializes in alcohol delivery, and promises a one hour delivery.

mabuk monkey


redmart alcohol

Wouldn’t it be good if everyone knows that you can easily order beers and get them delivered to your doorstep?

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