"Unbelievable" Is Now Perfect For Clubbing In A Mashup With Ke$ha's Timber

I’ve had ‘Unbelievable’ stuck in my head for the whole day. The spinoff from Singapore TV show Spouse for House that was sung by local actor Chen Tianwen has taken off, leaving Singaporeans confused, amused, and singing along.

But what really “stunned” me “like vegetable” was that the annoying and brilliant earworm that took Singapore by storm not only spawned a much less exciting sequel, but a remix that has made Unbelievable club-friendly.

Imagine dancing the night away at Zouk to this:

The mashup was shared on Reddit earlier today, and the video created by DJ Funky T has since received over 4,000 views.

So next time you visit Zouk, make sure you request this beautiful gem of a EDM song.



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