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As we draw nearer to the end of the year, its the job hunting season again.

Perhaps with that in mind, Singapore’s second most-read newspaper, TODAY has recently published an interactive chart on the best paying jobs in Singapore. The chart aims to help those who are “pondering their future career options”.

Compiled from data gathered from job postings on JobStreet.com, this interactive graphic shows the 10 best-paying jobs in Singapore, from the fresh-graduate level all the way to senior management.

Unfamiliar with JobStreet? JobStreet is one of the leading Internet Recruitment websites in the Asia-Pacific, with presence in Singapore, Malaysia, Philippine, India, Indonesia, Japan, Thailand, and Vietnam. Users visit their website to search for jobs through postings by potential employers.

Fresh graduates can expect to earn S$2,300 per month. For those aspiring towards a career in medicine, doctors can fetch a high average starting salary of S$3,095. Typically fresh graduates command a higher pay in the finance sector. Surprisingly, journalists are ranked as the 8th best paying job.

fresh graduate singapore pay 2013

Junior executives are those with 1 – 4 years of working experience. Again, doctor command the highest pay, and those in the banking and finance sector are compensated with a relatively high pay cheque as well. IT software professionals jumped from the 10th best paying job position to the 3rd best paying job position.

junior executive singapore pay 2013

Senior executive are those with 5 years or experience or more. Employees in the banking and finance, actuarial science, audit and legal services can expect to receive an average monthly wage of above S$4,500 per month.

senior executive singapore pay 2013

Above senior executives, you have managers. Managers in the science and technical sector lead in drawing the highest pay with chemists earning the highest average salary of S$9,096 per month. Laboratory scientists, software engineers, electrical engineers and chemical engineers are all compensated very well, with an average salary of more than S$6,000 per month.

manager singapore pay 2013

Finally, you have the senior manager role. If you are gunning for this role, you can expect an average of S$8,650 a month. Senior managers in the top management level is reported to draw an average monthly pay of S$11,887.

senior manager singapore pay 2013

Do note that these are all basic salaries posted, and these charts to not include any forms of compensation such as leave credits, medical benefits, insurance and incentives. Data are obtained from the average salary of all specializations posted by employers on JobStreet from January 1 – September 31.

Do all the wages correctly reflect what you are getting paid now? 

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