Who knew the team behind Medium had such a great sense of humour?

Jacky Yap  |  SG
Published 2015-06-04 13:09:42

One of the main reading apps that the team here at Vulcan Post loves is undeniably Medium. Apart from being a platform that inspires the team, we recently found out that the reason they can come up with a great product is because they have a fun and cheeky team.

Here’s at look at their mobile app change log which began on 19 March, when they released an update that allows users to publish articles directly from their iPhones.

The team was so excited that they wrote a song!

Medium Peter 1

Shortly after that, the team brought in a new member, Peter, on 27th of April, who apparently set up a “banana stand” in the corner. 2 days ago, Peter let a couple of nasty bugs slip through their previous release, and as a result, was fired.

Medium Peter 2

Poor Peter. If anyone is looking for an app developer, perhaps you can get in touch with Medium for Peter’s contacts.

In the meantime, if you’d like to check out Medium, you can start by visiting our new Medium page!

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