As online shopping become more and more common in Singapore, shoppers are spoilt for choice. But Julyta offers something different.

Pris  |  Singapore
Published 2014-09-23 10:00:58

As online shopping become more and more common in Singapore, shoppers are spoilt for choice. Pricing becomes a main determining factor for customers to choose which online shopping site they get their new dresses and clothing from. But the selection available doesn’t looking for something different.

This is where newly launched Julyta comes in. Founded by Yulia Pak and Tatiana Kuriachaia, Julyta curates designer pieces from upcoming young designers from around the world that is creative and functional.


With over 300 carefully curated designer pieces, shoppers can be guaranteed a unique customer experience where he or she can find something new and different. What separates Julyta from other websites is that Julyta has built a close relationship with fashion designers around the world, providing them with a new marketing platform for their upcoming clothing.

“Working closely with our designers and merchandisers all our products will be made to order. We believe that this will creatively distinguish us from many other websites in the cloth retailing space over the Internet,” said Julyta told Vulcan Post.


Julyta Singapore

Julyta has a pricing policy that makes sure it is affordable for most people while maintaining the exclusivity of the clothing brand it carries. Most of its designers are of Russian origin and moved to Bali for inspiration, where they have a relaxed setting to come out with the best and most unique design ideas for the customers.

“We want to make sure customers can have access to unique design pieces even at affordable pricing, without compromising on the quality of the brands and clothing we bring onboard,” Tatiana Kuriachaia, cofounder of Julyta told Vulcan Post. “This is in line with our mission to provide a unique customer experience through our online retail shop and position it as an alternative sales channel to upcoming trendy designers from Asia and Europe.”

In the popular fashion scene in Singapore, low prices can sometimes overshadow quality designs, spurring an outflow of copycat clothings and poorly made stock. With Julyta, perhaps designers would finally have an outlet to sell their fashion line to a local audience that appreciates good craftsmanship and avoid those just looking for a hard bargain, all without having to set exorbitant prices.

Since its soft launch in April, it has served hundreds of shoppers in Singapore and Southeast Asia. If you are looking for exclusive curated fashion pieces from designers around the world, Julyta is definitely a good place to start!

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