Shopping for the dead. A bit morbid, but totally legit in Singapore — thanks to KimZua.

Delfina Utomo  |  Singapore
Published 2015-06-18 15:00:25

Shopping for the dead. A little morbid, but totally a legit thing to do in Singapore. We usually see them in the most discreet neighbourhood shops around the country, hawking items ranging from hell money to Chanel bags. In the spirit of the Great Singapore Sale, we present to you the most underground store of them all: KimZua.

KimZua (meaning ‘gold paper’ in Hokkien) is an online store selling pretty much everything and anything — we’ll get into this later — you might need for your friends and family in the other world.

Credit: store.kimzua.com.sg
Image Credit: store.kimzua.com.sg

Being online and underground is probably the most hip thing you can achieve in this material world, and hip is exactly how the KimZua website comes across. Coming up strong with a witty tagline like We have money to burn, and punchy copies like Get ready for one Hell of a Sale, these folks running the site have quite the sense of humour.

Scroll through the cheerful looking website and browse categories like Festivity Packages, KimZua Essentials and assorted things such as ‘Colgats’ (toothpaste), a hardy pair of jeans, and a tasteful pair of pinstripe slacks. I guess it’s a one-size-fits-all rule in the other realm. There’s even a whole section on Confectionery and Wine. Living in the underworld looks pretty posh.

Ballin' with an iPhonie. Credit: store.kimzua.com.sg
Ballin’ with an iPhonie. (Image Credit: store.kimzua.com.sg)
Credit: store.kimzua.com.sg
Image Credit: store.kimzua.com.sg

So while you’re at it shopping the hell out of those GSS deals, spare a thought for those who are not with us in this world and show them some love and warmth — by burning something. After all, the 7th month is coming.

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