PDRM Facebook Hack Takes A Hilarious Turn As #TekaPasswordPolis Trends On Twitter

About nearly 2 hours ago, the Polis Diraja Malaysia’s Facebook page was hacked. PDRM has since taken back control over their Facebook page and all posts by the hackers have been deleted (but we have some screenshots of the hacker’s posts in this article here).

Netizens, being as creative as they are, are guessing the password of PDRM’s Facebook page, causing #TekaPasswordPolis to trend on Twitter. Here are some of the funniest and weirdest ones we’ve come across so far!

1. The first lady’s sex appeal.

2. Thanks, Captain Obvious.

3. The kebab fever.

4. The TV addicts.

5. The fanboys/fangirls. 

6. Because, principles.

7. Standard Police talk.




8. All about that bribery.

9. Pewpewpew!


10. The Najib haters/fans.

11. What’s your emergency?

12. Tribute to The Police.

All in all, Twitter user Lakshmi S (@milaksh18) sums this all up pretty well:


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