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As National Day weekend draws near, we’re getting bombarded with SG50 things nonstop. Whether it’s SG50 fishcake or SG50 Calvin Klein perfume, we can honestly say #simisaiSG50.

That’s what we thought when LEGO released their SG100 video, but what it actually was took us by surprise.

First, LEGO built their own version of what they thought Singapore would look like on its 100th birthday — a towering city of innovation and progress, which on paper looked very impressive. But building it up made it look ominous, even scary.

They then left piles of colourful LEGO bricks around, and let a bunch of children loose on the city. 

Instead of levelling the city, as I admit I expected them to do, they began to make ‘improvements’, building parks, dinner tables with families around it, and brightly coloured homes filled with people.

You’ll be filled with “awwws” when you see this little girl help her grandma get everyone together for dinner.


It will break your heart when this little girl built her home near an ominous looking skyscraper, so that her father will be able to come home and play with her.

daddy busy

come home faster

It’s also hard to say no to this adorable little boy. Any takers, ladies?

mummy and gf

Technically, it’s the plotline for the LEGO movie, where children wreck what adults have constructed to create colourful, messy, beautiful things. But even if you’ve watched it, this video doesn’t make your heart melt any less.

LEGO is challenging us to understand and imagine not what Singapore will look like in the future, but what our homes will look like. When you’re caught in the hustle of the rat race, it can be easy to forget that aside from the problems we face at work, Singapore is first and foremost our home.

lego singapore

What does SG100 look like to you?

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Vulcan Post aims to be the knowledge hub of Singapore and Malaysia.

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