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Question: A crowdfunding project that gets more than 400% of its goal — how often does that happen?

Almost never, right?


Our lead today goes by the name of CreoPop. One of the rarest hugely successful Indiegogo project in the entire universe, it was already fully funded within the first 24 hours. Dubbed as the world’s first 3D pen with cool ink, it went on to win Indiegogo Maker Challenge on July, 2014.

Sponsored by Amazon and Autodesk, the Indiegogo Maker Challenge provides entrepreneurial mentorship, a 3-month professional account subscription to sell on Amazon, and a $200 credit towards Fulfillment by Amazon. But back to CreoPop.

How Does It Work?

What’s CreoPop Coolest Feature?enablejsapi=1&html5=1&

This is a no-brainer. Hands down, it’s the inks selection. They are nine types of inks and they are extremely well thought out. According to the official website, it states that each ink cartridge can print a 14m line at a diameter of 3mm.


There’s body paint ink to create tattoos, aromatic ink to replace that used Glade candle you have sitting in the bathroom, and glow-in-the-dark ink to make decorations for the bedroom ceiling. If you like all things bling-y, I’m going to shift your attention to the glittering ink. You can also create an elastic outfit for your Barbie from scratch!

Image Credit: CreoPop

 The Team Behind CreoPop

CreoPop is a venture-backed company based in Singapore. Founded by Dmitry Starodubtsev and Andreas Birnik in 2013, it has since launched in over 20 companies. To say that they have experience in diverse industries that range from 3D printing to internet services is quite an understatement.

While Birnik has almost two decades worth of practice in mobile infrastructure equipment and cleantech across the globe, Starodubtsev isn’t doing too shabby, either. The younger lad is a serial entrepreneur with a proven track record of putting up businesses in vending machines and 3D photo mapping.

Image Credit: CreoPop

Is CreoPop Kid-Friendly?

You bet it is. Unlike other 3D pens in the market, Creopop’s ink is cool enough to touch. Thanks to their innovative technology, you don’t have to be on tenterhooks about burning your fingers. It uses light-sensitive photopolymers that solidifies when exposed to UV light. To phrase from its description on Indiegogo, “there are no hot parts, no melting plastics and no unpleasant smell”.

CreoPop uses risk-free inks, too. It’s environmentally safe and does not contain any harmful material. The 3D pen is entirely cordless and can be charged using a USB connection.

Cut To The Chase, How Much Does CreoPop Cost?

Despite being fully funded last August, CreoPop is still accepting contributions from individuals (All hail Indiegogo’s “Forever Funding” campaign!). You can either pre-order it through the crowdfunding platform or on CreoPop’s official website.

The startup offers a total of 5 kits: CreoPop Starter, CreoPop Explorer, CreoPop Ultimate, CreoPop Family, and CreoPop Shop. The Starter perk is going for USD$119, while the Shop perk USD$1,699. Hop on over here for more detailed information.

Shipping will begin on April, 2015.

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