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Only Jesus can walk on water, or so they say.

If you’re going to host a house party, and you have a pool, here’s something you can try: Fill that pool with either cornstarch, yogurt, whipped cream, or any Non-Newtonian fluid (which basically means substances which make water less fluid).

After you’ve done that, WALK on that water.

Or better yet, run, play, jump, ride a bike, and dance on it. You’ll be walking on the water just like Jesus did. And it definitely looks fun.

The commercial above is made by Malaysia’s Hong Leong Bank and We Are Kix for the bank’s Mach credit card. Looking at its homepage, it looks like the Mach brand is targeted at young professionals (basically the Gen Y people) who want or need a credit card.

Of course, you’ll be asking. A bank? Why an AD like that, then?

In this Facebook world, the generation Y has a relatively short attention span. They log on to the Internet daily, where every thing is just one click away. What better way for a bank to get their attention than to create a viral ad targeted at them?

Going Viral

Indeed, the commercial is successful, at least on the Internet. As of this writing, it has garnered close to 4 million page views. It has generated a lot of Google+ comments and is now being shared on various social networks. On Twitter, here is a sampling of the people’s reaction over this walking on the water commercial experiment.




The brains behind the video

The video, which was recorded live at Square Publika in Kuala Lumpur, involved a number of companies and people during the creation process. The video concept was conceptualized by KIX, a film company in KL. This startup company has already partnered with other global brands to create great ads, including Levi’s and Mercedes.

we are kix work

The female runner featured in the video is Cay Kuijipers, an international Filipina model now based in Malaysia. Malaysians may be familiar with her as she was recently ranked 29th on the latest FHM’s 100 sexiest women list.

cay kuijipers hong kong bank

What contribute to the success of this commercial is certainly its ability to connect with the target audience and at the same time touch their hearts. There’s also an added bonus when you become viral on YouTube, get featured on Gizmodo, and when people around the world are watching your video:

walk on the water stats

Have you watched the video yet?

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