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According to Singapore’s latest Population report released on the 25th of September, there is a growing number of singles in the country – and it doesn’t look like it’s going to stop any time soon.

Get this: singlehood rates are among the highest for lower-educated Singaporean men in their 30s and 40s, and higher educated women between the ages of 35 and 39.What’s more, many Singaporeans are choosing to wed foreign brides and grooms, including those from Vietnam, Thailand, Batam, and China.

Maybe it’s just the stress (and societal pressure) of fast-paced Singapore that gets to us sometimes, but nothing should stop you from taking the plunge to finding Mr or Mrs Right. Oh, and nudging the county’s population growth along a little. Here at Vulcan Post, with our far-reaching arms for all stuff cool and useful to you, we can help.

Mobile Apps

Image Credit: mothership.sg

TinderSwiper No Swiping! 

Launched last October, the app – originally from the US – has been gaining popularity in Singapore. Tinder uses your location from your phone to match you to singles in your area. Just load it up, turn on your GPS, and voila! A load of profile pictures will appear, leaving you with one very simple task: just swipe your thumb across the screen.

Right for yay, left for nay. Could it get any shallower simpler?

But that’s okay, because you’ll be able to see a few more pictures of your subject of interest and if they swipe right on your photo too, Tinder will work its magic and put you in contact with each other! Plus, it’s been said that Tinder features more expatriates than other apps if you’re big on international flavour.

Get it for iOS or Android.

paktor app

PaktorSteady ai mai? 

To “paktor” essentially means “to go on a date” in Cantonese or Hokkien. How about that for some local lingo, huh?

Paktor was here in Singapore first, and hence has more users than Tinder. It also uses location matches to bring up a list of eligible singles in your vicinity, and you simply vote with your thumb again. Thumbs up for yay, thumbs down for – what else – nay.

Once the other party has given you the thumbs up too, you’ll be whisked away to a magical location an in-app messaging system where you can chat and flirt the night away. Even better, Paktor keeps profiles that you’ve previously disliked. You know, because desperate times call for desperate measures.

Get it for iOS or Android.

OKCupid: Remember Your High School “Love Calculator”?

Maybe you’re not just into ‘casual dating’. Maybe you believe in soulmates. Maybe you want your match to be The Ultimate Keeper. Well then, OKCupid is for you. You simply sign up, pick a photo from your phone, and fill in an extensive questionnaire to get started.

How extensive, you ask? 1000-question extensive, we say. Name. Ethnicity. Shoe size. How you like your social plans. If you’ve ever thrown an object in anger during an argument. Good gravy, stop with the questions already! The app then uses your answers to give you a percentage of how well you match up with other users, along with suggesting some users whom you might be interested in. How helpful!

Get it for iOS or Android.


dating 3
Image Credit: thebestsingapore.com


Maybe you’ve seen the advertisements for this one on MRTs around Singapore. LoveStruck promises an easy-to-use interface, with the ability to create unique date ideas and suggests dates for members you might be interested in. You simply write a paragraph to describe yourself (be honest, people!) and throw it out there hoping for someone to read it and like it. The dating site also regularly hosts events like bowling nights for singles to come together and have a grand old party.


Offering members practical options like matches based on age, location, and keywords, SingaporeCupid is a dating website that caters to members of all ages, backgrounds, likes, and dislikes. Those looking for friendship or romance are welcome to partake of the online dating site’s community events.

The most important question. (Image Credit: itsjustlunchsingapore.com)

It’s Just Lunch

You’re a busy, important person, so how will you ever find time for love?! That’s okay, because now you can just do lunch instead of dates with strangers. One of the most popular online dating sites with a penchant for attracting single professionals from all over Singapore, all of whom are looking for serious relationships in the big city.

It’s like a blind date, but instead of an overly-excited, already-attached friend living vicariously through you and annoyingly egging you on, a professional matchmaker (who actually does matchmaking for a living!) will put you and another like-minded individual together for a lunch date. Amazing. Plus points for lunch dates, because it doesn’t last as long as a regular date, giving you the chance to escape if things turn awkward.

Otherwise, you can always turn to the ever-present, ever-useful Youtube to get your message out there.

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