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Published 2014-01-14 14:30:23

Naughty America, one of the world’s largest maker of pornographic films, is spending hundreds of thousands of dollars to shoot some of its upcoming adult entertainment material in ultra-high-definition.

The ultra high definition format is also called 4K, a “significant” upgrade from the 3D Blu Ray video quality. 4K format has 4,000-pixel horizontal resolution, hence giving rise to its name. The technology offers resolution with four times the number of pixels as standard high definition picture quality.

4K video contents are not new, but is recently making news. Companies such as Amazon, will shoot all of its full original series this year in 4K. Netflix also said it would make the second season of its original hit drama, “House of Cards,” available in the new format this year on 4K TV’s manufactured by Sony, LG and others. Sony, which has its own giant content arm in the form of its Sony Pictures Entertainment unit, launched a 4K video download service last year with more than 140 films and TV shows.

For Naughty America, they are also committed to producing 4K video content to its viewers.

A man looks at Ultra HD 4K displays at the International Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas on Jan. 9. Associated Press
A man looks at Ultra HD 4K displays at the International Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas on Jan. 9. Associated Press

Naughty America will add a $10 surcharge to its regular $24.95 subscription fee for customers wanting access to 4K content.

Naughty America’s CEO Andreas Hronopoulos said, “the closer we can come to making it feel like you’re there, the more successful we are,” teasing and promising a crisper, clearer, more up-close-and-personal resolution.

It is unclear when will the first 4K adult video be released to the public by Naughty America, but if you are feeling naughty already, you can watch a streamed version of the trailer here.

Warning, not safe for work. For best viewing experience, it is recommended that you hook a PC to a UHD TV. The trailer would need a high specs machine to run too; even with 8GB of RAM and a quad-core machine, the trailer took quite some time to play smoothly.

The trailer should work, and it case it doesn’t, you can install this browser extension which will unblock the content for you.

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