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Most of us have been to or have organized a BBQ gathering before. Remember the time where you had to head down to supermarket to get all your ingredients and lug all the items back to the BBQ pit?

What if you can order them online and get it delivered to you at your venue?

Enter MonstaBBQ.


Launched a year back, MontaBBQ is a simple website that provides you with everything you need to run a BBQ. Unlike other BBQ online food ordering websites, MonstaBBQ takes a different approach: you can simply tell them how many friends are attending the BBQ, the date and your budget, and MonstaBBQ will magically work out a menu specifically catered to ensure that everyone is well feed. That way, you do not have to scratch your head deciding how many sticks of fishball or how many chicken wings you should get.

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The best part of MonstaBBQ is definitely the ability to tell MonstaBBQ your budget. Previously, you would have to manually calculate how much each person would have to pay for all the items, and be wary if you have exceeded any budget. With MonstaBBQ, you no longer have to worry about that.

Once you have selected your budget (for example S$20 per person), your shopping cart will be updated to ensure that the budget is met and everyone will be well fed. Here’s how your shopping cart would look like:


Currently, MonstaBBQ only lists up to 12 items on their menu, and the team is adding on more food selection for its growing customer base. The supplies on MonstaBBQ is procured from an external vendor who is a veteran in the F&B industry.

To date, customers have ordered up to S$20,000 worth of food from MonstaBBQ, and most of them found out about MonstaBBQ through word of mouth. Having served numerous BBQs, the team is confident that their BBQ shopping cart recommendation has high accurary and customers are happy with their experience with MonstaBBQ.

What makes MonstaBBQ stands out other than the simple ordering process? Cofounder Almeric told Vulcan Post that having a tasty food selection helps too. The team focuses on food that are premium and those that are not your typical BBQ food, including Japanese pork sausages, pork ribs and char siew.

We do realised that there are already a lot of online BBQ ordering websites, but when it comes to F & B, taste is king! We happen to provide really good pork ribs and char siew. Did I also mention our delicious Japanese pork sausages as well? While it may sound like we are boasting, but we are only able to say it with such confidence due to the reviews from all our customers. Anyone who loves BBQ food and want to have a taste of premium BBQ food is our target customers!”

Other than Almeric, Fitzkhoon Liang, Deepan, and Guowei are also the team behind MonstaBBQ. They all knew each other through the National University of Singapore (NUS).

Monstabbq team

MonstaBBQ is a learning process

Prior to starting MonstaBBQ, the team did not have any experience, so they had to learn everything on the go. From inventory management to sorting out of delivery issues, all of it have given the team valuable experiences. There have been times where we were faced with doubts and concerns over the best way to progress, but at the end of the day, it’s always about making the BBQ a good experience for our customer, Almeric told Vulcan Post.

As the team continue to serve more customers, they continue to learn and grow together too. We definitely expect to hear more good news from the team soon!

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